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    Caustic soda; (granule, scales) produced in Russia, Taiwan, Romania, Poland.

    Caustic soda, chemical properties:

    Caustic soda belongs to the group of strong chemical bases, an aqueous solution of caustic soda has a strong alkaline reaction. Sodium hydroxide enters into a neutralization reaction with acids, amphoteric oxides, amphoteric hydroxides, and caustic also interacts with both metals and non-metals, various esters (with fats during saponification).

    Caustic soda, the main methods of obtaining:

    In the production of caustic soda, the main methods are used: lime, ferritic, diaphragm, membrane, mercury with the use of a liquid cathode.

    Caustic soda, application:

    Sodium hydroxide is widely used in the modern world. To briefly note the main sectors of application of caustic soda, the most significant ones should be noted. Caustic soda is used in the food industry (for flushing the system), metallurgical, chemical, in the production of fuel and household chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc. Today the total consumption of solid caustic soda in Ukraine is about 900 tons per month.

    Safety precautions:

    When working with caustic soda, special clothing is required, preferably chemical protection, special glasses and gloves. Caustic soda should not come into contact with open skin, as it causes severe chemical burns. In case of skin lesions, it is urgently necessary to rinse with clean running water, then consult a doctor.

    Caustic soda, packaging and transportation :

    Caustic is packed in polyethylene bags of net 25 kg during production, with subsequent stacking on a pallet in the amount of 1 ton. Caustic is packed in a dense film during the flight. Soda is transported by road and rail.

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