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    At the enterprises of industrial chemistry, chlorinated paraffin is used almost everywhere - due to the complex of physical and chemical characteristics, it makes it possible to produce various types of high-quality materials for roofing, varnishes, paints, resins, which are used everywhere. For chlorinated paraffin CP -470 price , and delivery terms will pleasantly surprise you!

    Х lorparaffin CP < b> -470 : properties substance

    This substance is a liquid with an oily texture without sediment and additional impurities, its color ranges from yellowish to slightly brown. Sometimes opalescence is observed in the substance.

    The density of chlorinated paraffin is from 1185 to 1235 kg / m³, the amount of chlorine in the composition of the substance ranges from 45 to 49%. Chlorinated paraffin Buy HP-470 is for its dissolution in oils, ketones, ethers and organic solvents. The combination of this substance is possible with polyester and alkyd resins of different types, as well as rubber.

    Chlorinated paraffin HP-470 is a low-toxic substance, it is difficult to ignite. Does not have a detrimental effect on the well-being and health of a person. However, chlorinated paraffin is a non-explosive chemical substance. When working with this substance, it is recommended to use additional protective equipment for the mucous membrane of the eyes and epidermis to avoid possible irritation. This is due to the fact that during its processing at an ambient temperature that exceeds 200 ° C, hydrogen chloride is released.

    Х lorparaffin CP-470 < i>: application in industrial plants

    Chlorinated paraffin is necessary for :

    production of PVC pastes, plastisols and rubber goods;

    According to the legislation on the basic rules for the transportation of chemicals, it must be transported in covered versions of rail and road transport with the possibility of additional heating in the cold season. The storage of chlorinated paraffin wax is officially permitted in covered or open areas, warehouses in hermetically sealed containers.

    To store in containers chlorinated paraffin wax manufacturers recommend no more than 1 year.

    Quality certificate

    Product: Chlorinated paraffin HP-470

    Production: India

    Batch: CP / E / 17/153

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