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    A monoglyceride is distilled 3824905500

    A monoglyceride is distilled
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    Distilled monoglycerides are produced on the basis of palm oil. Form solid tablets or powder Color from white to cream, odorless.

    Distilled monoglycerides - glycerol esters of stearic and palmitic acids. The content of monoglycerides is not less than 90%, a-monoglycerides is not less than 80%, free glycerol is not more than 1.5%. Acid number no more than 3; melting point 65-66 В° С. It has a higher emulsifying ability compared to glycerol monostearate, but it is also not an independent emulsifier. Forms stable emulsions in the presence of additional surfactants (anionic and nonionic). Used to obtain liquid and thick emulsion oil / water creams and in hair care products in a concentration of up to 5%.

    Nutritional value (per 100 g of product) Caloric content 850 kcal / 3,600 kJ Protein no Carbohydrates no Fat 100 g

    Achieved to obtain fine and stable emulsions. - Provides an even distribution of components in the product. - The quality of products improves.


    • Fat and oil products - 0.1-0.5% of the total amount;

    • Sausages - 0.3-0.7% to the total amount of the product;

    • Food concentrates - 0.1-0.3% to the product yield.

    CompositionA monoglyceride is distilled

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