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    Propilenglikol' for heating to purchase 2905320000

    Propilenglikol' for heating to purchase
    Propilenglikol' for heating to purchase
    Propilenglikol' for heating to purchase
    Propilenglikol' for heating to purchase
    Propilenglikol' for heating to purchase
    Propilenglikol' for heating to purchase
    Propilenglikol' for heating to purchase
    Propilenglikol' for heating to purchase
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    Propylene glycol is a transparent and viscous substance with a density higher than that of water (substance density 1.03 g / l at a standard temperature of 20 В° C). Its feature is also that propylene glycol solidifies at a temperature of -60 В° C, and boils at 187.4 В° C. An aqueous solution of this substance (60%) solidifies at an even lower temperature - -70 В° C.

    Propylene glycol is extracted from oil products using special operations such as sublimation, purification and approbation. In addition, it has propylene glycol properties , thanks to which it is especially valuable: for example, the ability to simultaneously dissolve components with hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties, as a result of which it is possible to mix substances that do not mix with each other under normal conditions.

    In what areas of activity is propylene glycol used?

    This substance is absolutely harmless, therefore it is allowed for use in most areas of human activity:

    • In the field of beauty

    Found the use of propylene glycol in cosmetics , where it is used in the manufacture of various shampoos, shower gels, lipsticks, shaving gels, sunscreens and sprays and other products (almost all of which have a creamy consistency). The substance is also used to dissolve fragrant substances, therefore, in large quantities it has found application in the perfumery industry. Thanks to this substance in the cosmetic field, it was possible to create products that have stable properties and consistency.

    In the field of manicure and pedicure services, propylene glycol is used in special products to improve the condition of nails - they help to accumulate and retain moisture on the surface of the nail plate.

    • In the pharmaceutical field

    I found propylene glycol application in the field of medicine, or rather in the manufacture of drugs and pharmaceuticals. First of all, in this area it is used as a substance with hygroscopic properties and as a solvent for various liquids, ointments, creams, injection solutions. Propylene glycol is also a part of anti-inflammatory and bactericidal drugs: for example, drugs for the treatment of the oral cavity. It is also difficult to do without propylene glycol in healing agents for wounds, scratches and burns. It is also used in preparations to eliminate edema.

    • In the food industry

    Propylene glycol is used in many ways in the food industry. Mainly as a food additive E1520, which is often used in the production of soft drinks and syrups. In addition, due to its softening properties, water retention and as a dispersing agent, propylene glycol is added during the production of cookies, sweets, biscuit rolls and other confectionery products. It is also indispensable for freezing berries, fruits, vegetables and meat (for frozen products and semi-finished products).

    It is difficult to do without propylene glycol in the manufacture of natural seasonings, spices, cocoa, instant coffee. The substance is also used in the form of a solvent for food flavorings, colorants and essential oils.

    Influenced the use of E1520 additive in the food industry and its complete harmlessness to humans. When inhaled or ingested, it does not cause any consequences or poisoning, and if it comes into contact with human skin, it does not cause redness or irritation. In addition, it is completely eliminated from the body and does not have the ability to accumulate.

    • In animal husbandry

    Propylene glycol is often used as a food additive for animals (especially cattle), which is added to feed. It significantly affects the condition and significantly improves the quality of feed, its appearance and consistency, as well as slows down the process of its decay.

    In addition, additives useful for animals are also created on the basis of propylene glycol. Mostly, such additives perform a number of functions:

    - replenish energy reserves;

    - lead to an increase in the amount of milk in cows;

    - prevent the onset and development of ketosis;

    - reduce the amount of required feed;

    - increase the fat content of milk in cows.

    This substance is also safe for animals.

    Propylene glycol is also actively used in veterinary medicine: in ointments, liquid preparations and sedatives. The substance is especially valuable due to its properties, including: preservative, sterilizing, bactericidal, stabilizing and the possibility of using it as a solvent.

    • In other industries

    Propylene glycol is used in almost all areas of industry.

    For example, it is used in the production of cigarettes as a plasticizer for wrapping cigars and cigarettes, chewing and snuff. The liquid used in e-cigarettes also contains a high percentage of propylene glycol.

    In most areas, this chemical is used as a coolant or heat transfer medium for refrigeration and heating equipment. Propylene glycol has found application in heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems for both industrial and residential premises.

    As for the latter, the indisputable advantage of using propylene glycol is that it freezes only at very low temperatures , which do not happen in everyday life. Thus, unlike water, technical propylene glycol does not crystallize at relatively low temperatures - accordingly, does not increase in volume and does not destroy the heating system. Therefore, in such systems, it is practically irreplaceable, since it does not need to be drained from the pipes, if, for example, the heating system has not been used for a long period.

    Safety requirements during storage and use

    If you buy propylene glycol pure, you should pay special attention to safety precautions, as this substance is quite flammable. The ignition temperature of pure propylene glycol ranges from 101 to 107 В° C, and spontaneous combustion occurs at 421 В° C. If the substance ignites, it should be extinguished with a foam, powder or gas extinguisher.

    containerbarrels and tanks
    temperature of freezing-60
    Type of liquidConcentrate
    Type of solventтеплоносители for the systems of heating of пропиленгликоль

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