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    N-propilovyy alcohol of чда 2905120010

    N-propilovyy alcohol of чда
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    n-Propyl alcohol - colorless liquid.

    Melting point (in В° C): -126.2 Boiling point (in В° C): 97.2 Solubility (in g / 100 g or characteristic): acetone: soluble benzene: highly soluble water: miscible diethyl ether: miscible ethanol: miscible.

    n-propyl alcohol is used as a solvent for waxes, polyamide inks, natural and synthetic resins, polyacrylonitrile; in the production of low pressure polyethylene; to obtain carbomethoxycellulose; as a metal degreaser; a co-solvent for polyvinyl chloride adhesives; a gelling and plasticizing agent for cellulose acetate films; an alkylating agent.

    It is also used for the synthesis of propionic acid, propionaldehyde, propyl acetate, propylamine, surfactants, pesticides, some pharmaceuticals.

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