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    Chetyrekhkhloristyy carbon of чда 2903140000

    Chetyrekhkhloristyy carbon of чда
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    Tetrachloromethane (carbon tetrachloride) CCl4 is a colorless heavy liquid that smells like chloroform. Non-flammable.

    Reacts explosively with alkali metals. The liquid is extremely poisonous, its vapors are also toxic. When heated with water to 250 ° C, hydrolysis occurs: with a lack of water, phosgene is formed, with an excess - carbon dioxide.

    When heated to 500 ° C, it turns into a mixture of tetrachlorethylene and hexachloroethane with the release of free chlorine ... It is used as a solvent (fats, resins, rubber, etc.), to obtain freons, as an extractant, in medicine.

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