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    Ethylene glycol

    One of the most commonly used substances in the industry is ethylene glycol - this is the simplest polyhydric alcohol. Due to its excellent solubility in alcohol and aqueous media, it is often chosen for use in industrial production.

    Ethylene glycol: physical properties and chemical features

    The chemical formula of this substance is C2H6O2, it looks like a transparent, slightly oily liquid and a slightly sweet taste. Ethylene glycol, the smell of which is completely absent, differs in a certain degree of toxicity, this alcohol is synthesized as a result of the hydration reaction of ethylene oxide with the obligatory presence of a 0.1-0.5% solution of sulfuric and phosphoric acid. The yield of this substance is approximately 90%.

    The main physical parameters of the substance:

    its molar mass is 62.068 g / mol;

    the density of ethylene glycol is 1.113 g / cm³;

    it boils at 197.3 ° C and its flash point is 111 ° C.

    As for the ability of a substance to dissolve, then ethylene glycol is perfectly soluble in alcoholic and aqueous media, as well as in ketones. Э Tylene glycol does not react with the substance Trichloromethane, and ethylene glycol dissolves poorly in ethoxyethane, methylbenzene and benzene.

    It is important to remember the high the level of toxicity of the substance, it has a serious risk to human health - with inept use of ethylene glycol, a lethal outcome is possible.

    Ethylene glycol: use in industry

    People who are professionally engaged in the manufacture, maintenance or repair of equipment know firsthand about the beneficial properties of ethylene glycol. This substance has unique chemical characteristics, and also at an affordable price - most often it is used in the manufacture of brake fluids, antifreezes, coolants, as well as one of the parts of computer cooling systems.

    For the manufacture of air conditioning and heating systems, it is also recommended buy ethylene glycol - it prevents the possibility of freezing of aqueous solutions, and is also able to maintain a low temperature in rooms that require it.

    Industrial production massively uses the main characteristic of ethylene glycol - its tendency lower the freezing point of all types of liquids. That is why it is purchased by representatives of enterprises of the textile, chemical, perfumery, leather, tobacco, automotive, pharmaceutical, aviation and oil and gas industries. But the above list does not exhaust the question of human use of ethylene glycol. In particular, it acts as a reliable cryoprotectant - ethylene glycol, which freezes at a temperature of -12.9 ° C, can protect living organisms from the negative effects of freezing.

    The printing and metallurgical industries in the domestic industry also require the use of ethylene glycol, an effective cleaning and dissolving agent designed for the treatment of various metal parts and leather. Esters of this substance prevent the appearance of stains on this material during the painting process.

    It is surprising that, despite the toxicity, ethylene glycol has been used in the food industry. It is used as an affordable raw material for food heat transfer fluids. The only significant nuance is that ethylene glycol is allowed to be introduced only into closed-type systems, all because of its superfluidity and the content of toxic substances harmful to human health.

    Ethylene glycol in medicine and its effects on the human body

    This chemical has a very serious risk for the human body. The thing is that careless handling of glycol-based antifreezes is fraught with severe poisoning. A dose of only 50-100 g of ethylene glycol is critical for humans.

    Initially, when a substance enters the gastrointestinal tract, a person feels the symptoms of alcohol intoxication, and then his health worsens. If a person is not provided with qualified medical care in time, a lethal outcome is possible. First aid consists of washing the stomach with water or a concentrated solution of baking soda.

    Even after treatment for ethylene glycol poisoning, the manifestation of severe mutagenic consequences for human health is possible, therefore it is important to remember the rules for working with antifreezes - after Each time you use them, wash your hands thoroughly with soap to prevent them from entering the body.

    The danger to human health is not only ingestion of ethylene glycol, but also inhalation of its vapors. That is why the content of this chemical in the air must be carefully monitored. Otherwise, a person develops symptoms of poisoning such as pain in the eyes, severe cough, hallucinations and loss of consciousness.

    The substance has a negative effect on the organs of the urinary system. Ethylene glycol interacts with alkalis, as a result of which salts are formed in the kidneys, which harm the tissues of the organ. In addition, it impairs the functioning of the nervous system.

    Methods of transportation and storage of ethylene glycol

    The peculiarity of transportation and storage of this chemical is to take into account its toxicity. Its accumulation in air masses is unsafe due to its spontaneous combustion at 120 ° C. That is why ethylene glycol should be transported in barrels and metal tanks strictly vertically. The necks of the drums must be sealed with special gaskets and sealed.

    Transportation of containers filled with ethylene glycol is allowed by any type of transport, exclusively covered. Tanks must be equipped with a top discharge system, and also be made of a material that is resistant to the effects of ethylene glycol.

    This substance must be stored in covered warehouses that are not heated, as ethylene glycol is capable of self-ignition. They must also be equipped with ventilation of the supply and exhaust type, and inside the warehouses it is necessary to place fire extinguishing agents in the form of inert gases, foam and water mist.

    The price for ethylene glycol liquid in our online store corresponds to the quality. We offer favorable terms of delivery and reliable transportation of the substance to the point you need!

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