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    Kerosene for aviation TS- 1

    Barrels of 160 kg 200 l aviation kerosene

    kerosene code tn 3914000000

    Kerosene - mixtures of hydrocarbons (from C12 to C15), boiling in the temperature range 140-220 В° C, a combustible liquid obtained by distillation or rectification of oil ...

    Density 0.78—0.85 g / cm? (at 20 ° C), viscosity 1.2 - 4.5 mm2 / s (at 20 ° C), flash point 28-72 ° C, heat of combustion approx. 43 MJ / kg.

    Kerosene is used as a jet fuel, a combustible component of liquid rocket fuel, a fuel when firing glass and porcelain products, for household heating and lighting devices, in cutting devices metals as a solvent, raw material for the oil refining industry.

    TS-1 kerosene (aviation) can be used for degreasing surfaces, washing parts in electrical repair and mechanical workshops, dilution of a number of paints and varnishes, for use in household heating and lighting devices, as fuel in devices for cutting metals.

    but also a refrigerant and is used to lubricate parts of fuel systems. Therefore, it should have good anti-wear (characterized by a decrease in wear of rubbing surfaces in the presence of fuel) and low-temperature properties, high thermal-oxidative stability and high specific heat of combustion.

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