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    Methyl acetate (methyl ester of acetic acid) - colorless transparent liquid with a fruity odor; miscible with organic solvents in all proportions.

    According to its chemical properties, methyl acetate is a typical aliphatic ester. monocarboxylic acid. It is obtained by esterification of acetic acid with methanol in the presence. H2SO4 (or FeCl3, AlCl3), from acetic anhydride and methanol, during wood pyrolysis.

    Used as a solvent in the production of paints and varnishes, adhesives, cellulose ethers, polyvinyl acetate, polymethyl methacrylate, vegetable and animal fats , many synthetic resins, etc., as an extractant into analyte. chemistry and a component of many industrial solvents to separate LiCl from other alkali metal chlorides.

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