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    Solvent 647
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    Solvent 647 consists of a mixture of organic volatile liquids: ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, toluene and butyl alcohol.

    The chemical composition of solvent 647 is almost identical to that of solvent 646. It consists from ethyl acetate (21.2%), toluene (41.3%), butanol (7.7%), butyl acetate (29.8%). The solvent also consists of ethyl cellosolve and acetone, being considered more contact, therefore, it is advisable to use a surface for cleaning that is susceptible to other active materials.

    Purpose of the solvent.

    Solvent 647 is used to dissolve and dilute nitrocellulose paints and varnishes to a working consistency by introducing it into paintwork materials in small portions, constantly stirring to the required consistency, but not more than the instructions for its use indicate. Solvent 647 is also used to dissolve nitro varnishes and nitro enamels for cars.

    Technical characteristics of solvent 647 according to GOST 18188-72.

    - appearance and color: slightly yellowish colorless transparent homogeneous liquid without suspended particles;

    - mass fraction according to Fischer of water, not more than 0.6%;

    - volatility according to ethyl ether, equal to 8-12

    - acid number for one gram of solvent, no more: 0, 06 mg KOH

    - coagulation number, not less: 60%;

    - suitability for dilution of nitrovarnishes and nitroenamels: after drying, no whitening of the enamel film should be observed;

    - dissolving effect: after drying, scratches on the enamel surface are smoothed out

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