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    Oksietilidendifosfonovaya acid of HEDP (Cublen) OEDFK, 98% powder 2931909090

    Oksietilidendifosfonovaya acid of HEDP (Cublen) OEDFK, 98% powder
    Oksietilidendifosfonovaya acid of HEDP (Cublen) OEDFK, 98% powder
    Oksietilidendifosfonovaya acid of HEDP (Cublen) OEDFK, 98% powder
    Oksietilidendifosfonovaya acid of HEDP (Cublen) OEDFK, 98% powder
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    an indispensable component in the enterprises of the agricultural and petrochemical complex

    Oxyethylene diphosphonic acid, or HEDP, is a tetrabasic acid, which is known as an excellent corrosion inhibitor and complexing agent. It has the chemical properties of both a base and an acid, so this substance has found application in various industries.

    О xethylidene diphosphonic acid : properties and main characteristics

    This substance has the form of crystals, it tends to form stable complexes with ions of zinc, copper and iron. Besides, this acid dissolves in ethyl alcohol, methanol, water, alkalis and acids. It is not prone to dissolution in alkyl halides, hydrocarbons and acetone.

    Oxyethylidene diphosphonic acid, the price of which will pleasantly surprise you, is explosion and fire safe, its level of cumulativeness is low. This substance belongs to the hazard class, it is characterized by teratogenic and embryotropic effects on the human body. The contact of these particles on the skin and mucous membrane of the eyes causes persistent irritation, and general poisoning of the body against the background of constant exposure to the substance is also possible. It manifests itself in the form of a weak reaction of a person to external stimuli, as well as a sharp decrease in his motor activity.

    Before buy HEDP , remember that when working with hydroxyethylidene diphosphonic acid, it is recommended to use special shoes and clothing, skin and eyes must be protected with rubber gloves and special glasses. To avoid getting the substance inside, you should use a respirator to protect the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract.

    You can choose any type of transport for transporting this substance, but it is recommended to store it in covered warehouses with a minimum level of humidity.

    Oxyethylidene diphosphonic acid: application in industry

    Most often this substance is used for:

    complexation in the textile and chemical industries;

    replacement of Trilon B during the production of colored paper or during the development of photographic film.

    HEDF in agriculture

    At the enterprises of the agricultural complex, this chemical is often used to regulate the growth of the yield of legumes and cereals. In wide circles, it is known as a tool that allows you to quickly cope with plant damage and diseases - hydroxyethylidene diphosphonic acid buy is worth it to fight pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

    Also, this acid is used for the manufacture of chelated fertilizers - they allow you to turn vital microelements for plants into an accessible form for their assimilation.

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