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    Food glucose

    Where is it profitable to buy glucose?

    Glucose is an organic compound that is one of the most important sources of energy for living beings, including humans. It is in demand mainly in the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in medicine. For industrial needs, it is released mainly in the form of a white powder. All the features of glucose: its structure, properties and application will be discussed below.

    Glucose: what is it?

    It is a monosaccharide, which is found in many fruit and berry juices. It is part of polysaccharides and some disaccharides, which break down into simple sugars during digestion. Glucose has the formula С₆Н₁₂О₆, which, contrary to the linear image, has a cyclic form. There are many other names, including grape sugar, and glucohexose, and dextrose, and D- or L-glucose.

    Simple sugars have been known to mankind for a long time, as they are found in berries and fruits , some cereals and vegetables, as well as honey. The glucose link forms polysaccharides (for example, starch or fiber) and disaccharides (milk and malt sugars), which are broken down by the action of gastric juice into easily digestible glucose and fructose.

    Glucose: characteristics physical and chemical properties.

    Glucose is a derivative of photosynthesis that occurs in plants under the influence of the sun and carbon dioxide. For production, the product is obtained by splitting cellulose or starch - rice, corn or wheat. The process can be started in the opposite direction - with the dehydration of monosaccharides, get polysaccharides.

    In physical terms, glucose is a white sweet powder without aroma characteristics. It is completely soluble in water, solvents and some other substances. It interacts weakly with methanol and ethanol.

    The molar mass is 180.16 g / mol, the melting point ranges from 146-150⁰С, the determined density is 1.5620 g / cm³

    In chemical terms, the reducing properties of glucose are actively manifested. It can be renewed to sorbitol (hexahydric alcohol). Thanks to its reducing properties, it also renews silver from ammonia solution to form gluconic acid.

    Use of glucose

    Glucose is the main component of the energy metabolism of living organisms. Has a pronounced sweet taste. These characteristics formed the basis of its application. Below is a closer look.

    1. Food industry

    Along with fructose (in equal proportions), glucose serves as the basis for invert sugar and other sweet syrups. With their help, the organoleptic properties of food are improved: the taste becomes not only sweeter, but also softer, the likelihood of crystal formation decreases. Dextrose is also used as a thickener and humectant. Moisture retention helps keep freshness and original taste for longer. These properties have led to the ubiquitous use of glucose in dairy and bakery products. For example, adding grape sugar to ice cream lowers its freezing point. It is also used as a sweetener in liqueurs, confectionery, canned food and dairy products.

    2. Medicine

    Dextrose is an important part of medical practice. It serves as a reagent to determine the production of insulin and the smooth functioning of the pancreas. It is often used in the postoperative period to support the body (applied with droppers). To combat acetone syndrome in children and eliminate excessive amounts of ketone bodies in children, it is important to take glucose according to instructions. It normalizes the general condition of the body, restores energy reserves.

    3. Chemical synthesis

    Participates in the production of organic acids, including ascorbic and gluconic, as well as biotin.

    4. Oil industry

    Grape sugar is added to drilling fluids.

    The biological role of glucose

    Together with oxygen, it is the main product of photosynthesis. That is, it is produced in plant chloroplasts with the participation of sunlight and carbon dioxide. It is not produced in the body of humans and animals; it is ingested only with food. In the process of processing, carbohydrate is converted into energy, which, in turn, serves various functions - it improves physical endurance and mental activity, retains heat, etc.

    During metabolism, it is oxidized and transformed into carbon dioxide, water and other chemical compounds. The energy efficiency coefficient is approximately 686 kcal / mol.

    Absorption of glucose, like other monosaccharides, occurs in the human circulatory system. This feature made it possible to determine diabetes by the presence or absence of glucose in the blood.

    Glucose: where to buy wholesale and retail

    In our store you can always find grape sugar in the right amount. Our managers will be happy to help you with the choice, provide all the necessary documentation and help with ordering. Here are some of the benefits for you:

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    Glucose: price in Kiev and in Ukraine

    We provide a democratic cost of all goods sold, which is confirmed by a large customer base of our store. Keeping up with the times means not only introducing new technologies, but also staying true to its main principles - availability and convenience for each client. It is not necessary to make a large order of glucose at once. The price of 1 kg will please you pleasantly and may further decrease depending on the total amount of the order.

    To clarify all the details, contact us by phone or send a request by e-mail. We will provide specific information and answer all your questions.

    Glucose with delivery throughout Ukraine

    Today, in order to purchase the desired product, there is no need to waste time and go to a special warehouse or base. It is enough to open the site you like and place an order. Be careful, make large purchases only from reliable suppliers. After carefully reviewing the reviews and comparing prices, you can make sure that we offer some of the best conditions. In addition, we guarantee delivery on time, a wide range of products and a loyalty program for a large list of products.

    Do not forget to take care of special conditions for glucose after receiving a bulk order. Storage is best organized in a dark, ventilated place. Moisture and direct sunlight should not get there, and the temperature should not exceed 15-25⁰С. Our warehouse takes into account all the nuances to guarantee the high quality of the product and compliance with the declared standards.

    Glucose: buy inexpensively

    Have you already decided on all the necessary items and want to order glucose or other goods right now? Our store will gladly provide you with everything! You can place your purchase directly on the website. Put all the items you need in the cart, indicate the quantity, choose a convenient method of payment and delivery. Done! Our managers will promptly contact to confirm the order and clarify all the details. If you still have questions - ask them by phone or write to e-mail. You will certainly be pleased with the price of glucose in Kiev and in Ukraine in our store.

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