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    Glyutamat of sodium of E621 2922420000

    Glyutamat of sodium of E621
    Glyutamat of sodium of E621
    Glyutamat of sodium of E621
    Glyutamat of sodium of E621
    Glyutamat of sodium of E621
    Glyutamat of sodium of E621
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    Sodium glutamic acid is a flavor enhancer for products of natural origin


    Monosodium glutamate E621 is a crystalline powder of monosodium salt of aminoglutaric acid, it is most often used in the food industry to enhance the natural taste of food. He is especially revered in eastern establishments, Asian and vegetarian cuisine.

    Chemical and physical characteristics of the substance

    Sodium glutamic acid - most often we call it monosodium glutamate or monosodium glutamate, it is a white substance, occasionally yellowish. It dissolves well in water and other liquids, giving them a salty-sweet taste. This substance is not hygroscopic, it does not lend itself well to dissolution in common organic solvents, such as ether.

    Monosodium glutamate is stable - it does not transform when processing food raw materials and does not decompose into separate components in the manufacture of various food products. At its core, this substance is an amino acid, and one of the most common and frequently used - monosodium glutamate, you can always buy on our website Ukraine Industrial .

    Sodium glutamate is formed in food products naturally, and it can also be included in their composition from the outside. In 1909, this substance was first synthesized artificially through the hydrolysis reaction of wheat and soy proteins. Synthetic methods of obtaining this substance have not taken root, therefore it is obtained by natural fermentation of proteins using special bacteria.

    Monosodium glutamate is a part of such food products as milk, meat, fish, berries, mushrooms , cereals, vegetables, soy sauce, that is why this food additive has been officially recognized as natural and is often used in the food industry.

    Sodium glutamic acid melts at 165 ° C and decomposes at 225 ° C. Its molar mass is 169.1 g / mmol.

    Monosodium glutamate: application in food industry

    The fashion for the use of this food additive came to us from Asia - this component has long been used to enhance the natural taste of various dishes. E621 additive can often be found on packages of sweets, soft drinks, snacks, breakfast cereals, food concentrates, seasonings, gravy, croutons, chips, instant food.

    It is also found in processed fruits and vegetables and nut-based foods. Monosodium glutamate, the dosage of which in finished food products should not exceed 10,000 mg / kg, is also used as a salt substitute in dietary foods.

    As for monosodium glutamate as a flavor enhancer, its main the task is to give each dish the highest possible taste, without changing its true taste. This simple, at first glance, supplement allows you to focus on the aroma and taste of food, it enhances the sensitivity of taste buds located on the surface of the tongue.

    If you are interested in monosodium glutamate, where it is also contained , in addition to the above food products - know that it is used by large food companies to save on the use of natural ingredients such as seafood, meat, fish.

    To create truly delicious dishes, it is enough to use only a small part of natural ingredients and sodium crystals glutamic acid. As a result, the consumer receives a rich and bright taste of food, not even suspecting the degree of its naturalness.

    This component is especially indispensable in enterprises that use frozen meat, or in which natural meat is partially or completely replaced by soy. Monosodium glutamate allows you to mask the flaws in the quality of the original food raw materials and restore its original taste, which deteriorated during processing or long-term storage.

    Modern food industry enterprises also often use this substance in conjunction with ribotide - you probably met this additive on product packaging under the abbreviation E627. Their combination allows you to significantly enhance the original taste of semi-finished products, food products from meat and fish. Moreover, their use allows:

    to eliminate unpleasant aftertaste after eating products;

    to reduce the level of bitterness and acidity of food;

    to balance the flavor characteristics of food.

    Monosodium glutamate: where the substance is used in agriculture

    If the use of this additives in the food industry is expected, this cannot be said about the agricultural sector. The catch lies in the fact that it is this bioactive substance that makes it possible to increase the efficiency of animal absorption of nutrient components of feed. Regular use of monosodium glutamate increases the positive dynamics of reproduction of animals and increases the level of their live weight gain.

    It's very simple - the presence of this food additive in the diet of animals improves the quality and taste of the food they consume. The tastier the food for them, the more the animals are able to eat - as a result, during slaughter, farm owners will receive much more raw meat than without the use of monosodium glutamate.

    Monosodium glutamate is also worth ordering for the use of this supplements in the diet not only of pigs and cows, but also on farms, where fur-bearing animals are bred on an industrial scale. E621 has a positive effect on the average daily growth of young males - it is most often observed from July until the moment of slaughtering the brood.

    Food supplement monosodium glutamate: how to use it so as not to harm human health?

    Since the E621 food supplement began to be intensively used in the process of cooking and manufacturing various types of food, there has been a debate around it - is it dangerous to eat it or not?

    If you use this substance in reasonable quantities, then it will not pose any danger to human health. Scientists from all over the world have conducted studies that examined the effects of this supplement on weight gain, blurred vision, the development of allergies, but they do not have precise evidence that it is monosodium glutamate in food that can lead to such consequences.

    As for gaining excess weight due to the consumption of large amounts of food with monosodium glutamate, then in fact, it has nothing to do with it. The absorption of any food in unlimited quantities will invariably lead to gaining excess weight, even if this component is absent in its composition.

    This supplement also does not affect the state of the nervous system in any way, despite its neurotransmitter functions. If the body accumulates an excessive amount of sodium glutamic acid, it is easily excreted from it through the intestines - into the blood, and even more so its particles cannot get into the nervous system.

    You can buy monosodium glutamate in Ukraine at a bargain price. Completing the required amount of substance does not take much time - the goods are always in stock. You can find out about the details of ordering from our managers online or by calling the phone number indicated on the website (050) 495-37-71. The final cost of a substance also depends on the type of purchase - whether it will be wholesale or retail.

    Compositionглютамат sodium
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