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    Iron sulfate is an antiseptic, fungicidal agent that allows you to fight rot, mold, fungal diseases of plants. This preparation is the only fertilizer containing iron in the form available to plants. With an insufficient intake of such a trace element, premature yellowing and dying off of young shoots occurs. Fruit trees suffer most from iron deficiency: pears, apple trees, plums, cherries, and others. Peaches, roses, raspberry bushes, as well as vegetables - cabbage, tomato, potatoes react sensitively to a lack of iron sulfate.

    Replenish the iron content in plants can be done by spraying trees with vitriol solution.

    Iron vitriol or sulfate (sulfate) iron is produced in the form of a crystalline powder of greenish-blue color with an active substance content of 53%, which has an unlimited shelf life.

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