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    Saltpetre is sodium 3102501000

    Saltpetre is sodium
    Saltpetre is sodium
    Saltpetre is sodium
    Saltpetre is sodium
    Saltpetre is sodium
    Saltpetre is sodium
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    Sodium nitrate is a white crystalline solid, sometimes with a grayish or yellowish tinge, bitter-salty in taste. It is readily soluble in water (lighter than potassium nitrate). Strong oxidizing agent.

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    It occurs naturally in the form of the Chilean nitrate mineral (nitronatrite). Crude nitrate is a reddish dirty mass that undergoes recrystallization to obtain a pure product. Pure nitrate forms colorless shiny rhombohedral crystals, highly hygroscopic.

    Density 2.257 g / cm³. Melting point - 308 ° C, boiling point (decomposes) - 380 ° C.

    Chemical formula: NaNO3

    Derived from natural deposits by hot water leaching and crystallization; absorption of nitrogen oxides by a solution of soda; exchange decomposition of calcium or ammonium nitrate with sulfate, chloride or sodium carbonate. Recently, they have been prepared synthetically from air nitrogen or from synthetic ammonia.

    Sodium nitrate, Sodium nitrate Use of sodium nitrate (sodium nitrate, sodium nitrate ).


    Sodium nitrate - nitrogen fertilizer containing 16% nitrogen in nitrate form. It is used on all types of soils for potatoes, table and sugar beets, vegetables, fruit and berry and ornamental plantings. Sodium nitrate is a physiologically alkaline fertilizer that slightly alkalizes the soil, therefore it works most effectively on acidic soils in combination with water-soluble forms of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers.

    Sodium nitrate is used for the main application in early spring with a row pre-sowing application for sugar, fodder and table beets and for top dressing - during the growing season.

    Restrictions: Do not mix sodium nitrate with superphosphate. It is also better to refrain from using sodium nitrate on salt licks, as it degrades soils, which are already excessively saturated with sodium.

    Sodium nitrate is widely used in industry as:

    • component of acid pickling solution for stainless steel pipes;

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