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    A caustic soda is liquid
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    Caustic soda is a widely used product of the chemical industry. It is used in the oil industry for the purification of petroleum products, in the light industry in the production of silk, as well as in the technological processes of bleaching fabrics. Caustic soda is no less widely used in the pulp and paper industry, with the help of which cellulose is obtained. Caustic soda is successfully used in metallurgy in the production of aluminum.

    In the automotive industry, it is used in the production of alkaline batteries, in the chemical process for the manufacture of Trilon B and, of course, caustic soda is of great importance in the production of a wide variety of detergents: from ordinary soap to washing powders of various types. This valuable product of chemical production has found application in the food industry, with the help of caustic soda, vegetable oil and some other products are refined.

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