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    Oxide of chrome (III) (99 % - min) 2819909000

    Oxide of chrome (III) (99 % - min)
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    Chromium (VI) oxide (chromium trioxide, chromium trioxide, chromic anhydride), CrO3 - a compound of chromium with oxygen, dark red crystals, readily soluble in water. Anhydride of chromic and dichromic acids.


    Used to obtain chromium by electrolysis, electrolytic chromium plating; chromating galvanized parts, as a strong oxidizing agent, occasionally in pyro compounds.

    It is also used as an oxidizing agent in organic chemistry (in the production of isatin, indigo, etc.).

    Mixed with diatomaceous earth, it is used to purify acetylene called epurite.

    Solutions of chromic anhydride (or, more often, potassium dichromate) in sulfuric acid are widely used in laboratory practice for cleaning dishes from organic contaminants (chrome blend).

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