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    Muriatic acid solution 13% tanks 10 litres 10,63 kg 2807000000

    Muriatic acid solution 13% tanks 10 litres 10,63 kg
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    You can buy hydrochloric acid in our store, wholesale and retail at reasonable prices. Hydrochloric acid has all the necessary certificates. The proper conditions of transportation, suitable packaging and clear lead times will make your purchase not only pleasant, but also safe. Delivery anywhere in Ukraine, professional advice and assistance in choosing the required volumes will be an undoubted advantage.

    Hydrochloric acid: properties , formula, characteristics :

    has a simple, easy to remember formula - HCL. It is a colorless liquid, but with a very pungent odor. An interesting fact: in a weak concentration it is found in the human stomach.

    The density is only 1.19 g / cm³. The most commonly used acid with a concentration of 36-38%. It smokes when interacting with oxygen, releasing volatile hydrogen chloride.

    Technical hydrochloric acid has an acquired light yellow tint. This color is given by impurities of iron or chlorine.

    It freezes at temperatures of minus 30⁰C, and boils only at 48⁰C.

    Like other acids , is a strong electrolyte. It has good conductive properties.

    In contact with metals, it oxidizes them with the release of hydrogen, when interacting with bases - forms salts.

    May change the color of the indicator. Litmus turns red when exposed to hydrochloric acid. Has a pronounced sour taste.

    Hydrochloric acid: application in everyday life and industry.

    The scope of application of hydrochloric acid is quite diverse.




    Household needs.

    Further we will dwell on each area in more detail. Undoubtedly, the largest consumer of hydrochloric acid is various industries.

    Chloric acid belongs to the chemical reagents used in the production of rubber, vinyl chloride, various resins and adhesives, and a very common material - polyurethane ( or in a simple way, plastic).

    With the help of hydrochloric acid, chlorine-containing organic solvents are obtained; they are used in the extraction of oil and metal ore. Using chloride acid, you can easily remove rust on metal products. This is especially true before soldering or tinning.

    Acid is used in the production of well-known pharmaceuticals such as activated carbon and ascorbic acid.

    It is also used for cleaning tap water and waste water disinfection.

    In the food industry, hydrochloric acid is known to everyone under the name of the food additive E 507. It regulates acidity. Hydrochloric acid is used in the manufacture of syrups, vodka products. It is found in mayonnaise, gelatin and many other products.

    In the textile industry, it is widely used for leather processing.

    Hydrochloric acid is used in the production of detergents, paints, varnishes, hygiene products and cosmetics.

    Properties of hydrochloric acid acids made it indispensable in construction. The addition of chloride to concrete significantly increases the frost resistance of the latter. Such a mixture hardens faster, its resistance to moisture improves.

    If you are starting a construction project, you simply cannot do without buying hydrochloric acid. It is known as an excellent limestone cleaner. You can remove traces of dirt and building materials from red bricks with a 10% chloride solution. The use of hydrochloric acid is cost-effective, since it is much cheaper than other cleaners.

    Hydrochloric acid is widely used in medicine. It plays an important role in human digestion. With a decrease in acidity, drugs based on it are prescribed. Chloric acid is one of the main constituents of gastric juice. Thanks to its effect, almost all microorganisms that enter the stomach die, and food is digested.

    On the basis of hydrochloric acid, special preparations are made to remove papillomas and warts. In this case, it will be applied dermally, not inside.

    By the way, hydrochloric acid is widely used not only in official medicine, but is also part of many folk recipes. It is very important to be careful and measure here.

    It is also important to be careful when using hydrochloric acid at home.

    Firstly, it is included in almost all aggressive detergents, for example, to clean the toilet, to remove old grease or carbon deposits. It is the special properties of hydrochloric acid that allow you to easily cope with various types of dirt.

    Experienced housewives use a weak solution of chloride acid as a stain remover. Hydrochloric acid leaves no chance for rust marks or ink marks on clothes. It will also perfectly cope with scale in a saucepan or kettle.

    With the help of hydrochloric acid, you can carry out many interesting experiments. One of the safest is the Diving Egg. An egg is dipped in low concentration hydrochloric acid. Its density is greater - and it immediately reaches the bottom. Then the interesting part begins. The shell consists of calcium carbonate. When it comes into contact with chloride acid, carbon dioxide is formed, which raises the egg to the surface. In air, the bubbles burst - and the egg sinks down again. The process is repeated several times until the shell is completely dissolved.

    There is a lot to say about the amazing properties of hydrochloric acid. But it is equally important to observe precautions when working with it.

    Safety .

    Chloric acid belongs to a dangerous class of substances. Remember that it is capable of dissolving metals, not to mention human skin. Acid fumes are also corrosive and hazardous. In the air, HCL is released from the concentrate of 36-38%, which is undoubtedly poisonous if inhaled. It is necessary to observe precautions not only when working with it, but also during storage and transportation.

    Hydrochloric acid can be poured into polyethylene and glass containers, as well as into special tanks covered with special sheet rubber inside ... It is necessary to maintain the tightness of the vessels, avoiding contact with air. For this, interlayers of polyethylene or rubber are used. With the correct packaging of chloride acid, it can be transported by any means of transport.

    When working with a concentrated solution, it is important to prevent an explosion by eliminating contact with a number of metals. The skin, respiratory tract and eyes should be protected from accidental exposure to hydrochloric acid or its vapors. In case of contact with skin, wash off with plenty of water and wipe the burn area dry. If accidentally swallowed, induce vomiting. Drink plenty of water - and once again rinse the stomach. Be sure to seek medical help. Remember that you can neutralize hydrochloric acid with alkali (soda, laundry soap).

    Chloric acid is a precursor, like many other dangerous or toxic substances. In order to buy hydrochloric acid, you must have the appropriate permits, otherwise such activities will be considered illegal. It is important that the seller also has special licenses. Purchasing hydrochloric acid from a trusted company will save you not only from low-quality goods, but also ensure the legality of business transactions.

    Packinga tank is 10 litres

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