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    Plavikovaya acid 70%
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    Canister 40 kg

    Hydrofluoric acid (hydrofluoric acid, hydrofluoric acid, hydrofluoric acid) is an aqueous solution of hydrogen fluoride (HF). The industry is produced in the form of 40% (more often), as well as 50% and 72% solutions. The name "hydrofluoric acid" comes from hydrofluoric spar, from which hydrogen fluoride is obtained.


    Large consumer of hydrofluoric acid - aluminum industry.

    • A solution of hydrogen fluoride is used for transparent etching of silicate glass (for example, the application of inscriptions - for this, the glass is covered with paraffin, cutting holes for etching). Matt etching is obtained in hydrogen fluoride vapor.

    • For etching silicon in the semiconductor industry.

    • As part of pickling, pickling and polishing mixtures, solutions for electrochemical processing of stainless steel and special alloys.

    • Obtaining fluorides, silicofluorides and boron fluorides, organofluorine compounds, as well as corresponding acids (hydrofluorosilicic acid and hydrofluoric acid), synthetic lubricating oils and plastics.

    • For dissolving silicates in various analyzes.

    • In the alkelation process, as a catalyst in the reaction of isobutane and olefin.

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    CompositionPlavikovaya acid
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