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    Vaseline white фарм "Sasol Wax" GmbH 2712109090

    Vaseline white фарм "Sasol Wax" GmbH
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    We have the following Vaseline in stock:

    • Vaseline white farm 250 kg drums, 1 kg cans

    • Technical Vaseline 250 kg drums

    Vaseline is a purified mixture of solid and liquid carbohydrates, which is a greasy mass without odor and taste. Well-refined medical and cosmetic petroleum jelly is white. Technical (insufficiently refined) petroleum jelly can have a color ranging from yellow to dark brown. The melting point of petroleum jelly is about 60 ° C, it dissolves in ether and chloroform, but it is insoluble in water and alcohol, mixes with any oils (except castor oil).

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    Packing Units rev.
    250 kg
    AlcoholWe will not dissolve
    ButterWe will dissolve
    Type of raw materialArtificial
    Use of vaselineTechnical

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