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    A calcspar is food
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    Where to buy and how to use calcium carbonate?

    Calcium carbonate is a mineral of inorganic origin in the form of white finely dispersed crystals, odorless and tasteless. The compound consists of calcium and a carbonic acid salt, which is reflected in the calcium carbonate formula CaCO₃. It dissolves well only in acids with the release of carbon dioxide.

    What is calcium carbonate ?

    Inorganic compound commonly known as food additive E 170. It is mainly used as a white dye. Chemically, it is Ca (40%) and H сольCO₃ salt.

    Physically, it is a white crystalline powder. It has neither taste nor smell. It dissolves well in acid, but practically not in ethyl alcohol and water. When interacting with acids, carbon dioxide is formed. Its excess leads to dissolution in water and the formation of a carbonic acid salt.

    The molar mass of calcium carbonate is 100.0869 g / mol, the melting point is from 825⁰C, and the decomposition is about 1000⁰C. In the process of decomposition, calcium oxide and carbon dioxide are formed.

    In nature, calcium carbonate is found everywhere, although it is familiar to us under different names - specific minerals. Among them are limestone and chalk, marble, travertine and dolomite. Large quantities of calcium carbonate are found in shellfish and eggshells.

    For industry, it is extracted from minerals. Most often from marble, which has a wide distribution and shallow bedding. Usually used for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

    Of course, there are also laboratory reproduction methods that are reflected in the reactions:

    ammonium carbonate and calcium nitrate;

    milk of lime and carbon dioxide;

    calcium chloride and soda ash.

    There is another way. Water is added to the quicklime. In the course of the reaction, slaked lime is obtained, and then carbon dioxide, which penetrates the solution and precipitates calcium carbonate.

    Calcium carbonate: application at home and in industry

    Due to its wide distribution and affordable cost, calcium carbonate is used in a wide variety of fields. It is indispensable for our body as a source of calcium, therefore it is actively used in medicine and pharmaceuticals . In addition to restoring the mineral balance of a person, the substance neutralizes the pH of the digestive system and helps in the treatment of ulcers.

    The use of calcium carbonate normalizes intracellular reactions and balances electrolyte balance, resists negative changes in the skeleton, has a beneficial effect on blood clotting and acidity of the stomach. The substance acts quickly.

    Calcium carbonate helps with:

    diseases of the digestive system (ulcers, burning of the esophagus, gastritis, and so on);

    diseases of the teeth and skeleton (osteoporosis, rickets, caries);

    calcium deficiency in the human body and all related manifestations;

    urticaria and allergic reactions.

    The greatest need for calcium exists in children, adolescents, as well as in pregnant and breastfeeding women. From its lack, both aesthetic imperfections (dull hair and darkening of tooth enamel) and serious diseases can arise. In particular, calcium carbonate is irreplaceable for teeth. It is used not only for diseases, but also for prophylaxis, it is a component of many toothpastes.

    In the food industry calcium carbonate has established itself as relatively safe additive E 170. It does not harm humans and is approved for use in Ukraine and many other countries, including Russia. A preservative is used to prevent caking of milk powder, as a white dye and to adjust acidity. Although there are no restrictions, one should be careful, as excess calcium is dangerous. In large quantities, it can provoke hypercalcemia and lactic-alkaline syndrome. These conditions are accompanied by vomiting, severe pain in the stomach and intestines, mental disorders can be observed. In severe cases, death is possible. And yet, E 170 is contained in products in very small concentrations, which is almost impossible to exceed the daily norm, which is 1.5 grams. With greater caution, one should treat preparations based on calcium carbonate, the use of which is permitted strictly according to the instructions.

    Calcium carbonate plays an important role in the manufacture of plastic . Most of the volume produced is spent on these needs. A variety of PVC products, polyester fibers and polyphenols are made using calcium carbonate. Among the finished products are linoleum, paints, tiles, carpet and many other things that we use in everyday life.

    Construction is also massively involved calcium carbonate. The price for it is low, in gardening for whitening trees (although this method was found to be ineffective); in agriculture, alkalinize the soil, if necessary, and apply it to the soil as a mineral fertilizer to reduce acidity;

    in various treatment systems and as a means to reduce the level of pollution of ecosystems;

    in everyday life they successfully whitewash ceilings and perform other cosmetic work.

    Calcium carbonate: price on the Ukrainian market

    In the bowels of the earth there is a sufficient amount of minerals, in particular marble, from which calcium carbonate is synthesized. The price for it, in this regard, is quite low. It differs from store to store and depends on many factors. First of all, the policy of the store itself. In many cases, the seller's margin plays a decisive role in pricing. Secondly, manufacturers have different selling prices. Thirdly, the final price tag is also influenced by the quality of the product, possible discounts from the distributor, and convenient delivery terms. There are many cases where transportation is too expensive. Fourthly, in many cases the amount will depend on the amount.

    In order to buy calcium carbonate profitably, it is undoubtedly worth considering all the factors. Our store offers a quality product at reasonable prices. By the way, in order to significantly save money, you can purchase all the necessary substances for your home, construction or garden in one place.

    Calcium carbonate: buy profitable

    Every buyer wants to buy not just a product at a low price, but also, of course, of good quality. Agree, no one will have the desire to pay for a low-quality product. The first thing we care about is the high quality of all products. We have all the relevant certificates. A laboratory report and comprehensive information can be obtained from the manager.

    Remember, reagents are often dangerous. They can be toxic and explosive. In order not to put yourself, the environment and nature at risk, take care of the reliability of the store. You can buy calcium carbonate in Kiev and throughout Ukraine without fear in our store. We carefully check all consignments taking care of your safety.

    Wholesale of calcium carbonate

    Undoubtedly, a wholesale purchase is always more profitable for several reasons.

    1. Lower price in comparison with retail. Call or leave a request so that our manager can calculate your discount.

    2. Convenience and time saving. There is no need to think over a purchase every time, wasting precious minutes on calculations.

    3. Delivery optimization.

    Calcium carbonate: buy in Ukraine

    Remember that it is always more profitable to buy calcium carbonate in bulk. We make delivery across Kiev and Ukraine without delay. It is possible to collect in one order everything you need for domestic or industrial needs, whether it is a large wholesale order for an enterprise or a small purchase for a home. Proper packaging will preserve the quality of the product.

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