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    Zinc sulfate 7-water оч. 2833292000

    Zinc sulfate 7-water оч.
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    Zinc sulfate 7-water och. is a white crystalline powder or crystals, weathering in air. Zinc dissolves well in water.

    Zinc sulfate is used: in laboratory practice, in the chemical industry, in the production of viscose, artificial fibers, in the textile industry - mordant, in the pulp and paper industry - bleach, in the production of mineral paints, glazes, in metallurgy (flotation reagent), in electroplating, in medicine and pharmaceuticals, production of eye drops, in dentistry as microfertilizer and feed additive, etc.

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    Concentrated form of fertilizerTrue
    Maximal humidity50.0
    Maximal temperature of effective action50.0
    Maximal temperature of storage50.0 hail.
    Minimum humidity50.0
    Minimum temperature of effective action50.0 hail.
    Minimum temperature of storage50.0
    Preparativnaya formPowder
    Type of fertilizerZinc a sulfate is 7-water
    Weight25 g
    Zinc23.0 %

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