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    Acid is nitric 2808000000

    Acid is nitric
    Acid is nitric
    Acid is nitric
    Acid is nitric
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    Nitric acid from the canister, there are also barrels and cubes, delivery

    Nitric acid (Ukraine) 28 kg canisters

    Nitric acid - transparent liquid with a density of 1.52 g / cm3 and a corrosive odor. The acid hardens, forming crystals at a temperature of -41C, and boils at 84C. The substance is combined with water in different proportions, but in most cases a concentrate is used (the highest density is 1, 4 g / cm3, with a content of 65%, but not more than 70% HNO3). In turn, fuming nitric acid has a concentration of at least 97%.

    It should be borne in mind that with an increase in temperature, the concentration of acid increases and decomposition occurs faster. In the process, nitrogen dioxide is released, which gives a brown color. That is why it is recommended to store the substance in a dark, cold room. To dilute the acid, it is necessary to mix the concentrate with water.

    Nitric acid, the price of which is somewhat lower than other substances with a similar effect, is transported and stored in chromium steel containers. Since the concentrated acid passivates chromium, iron and aluminum (forming lashes that do not dissolve) (2Al + 6HNO 3 = Al 2 O 3 + 6NO 2 + 3H 2 O.) from oxides, it is transported in an aluminum container. Storage of a small volume of this substance in glass bottles is acceptable. It should be borne in mind that the acid quickly deforms the rubber. For this reason, it is important to choose bottles with plastic or ground-in corks.

    Nitric acid (concentrate) produces nitrogen oxides (poisonous gases). At the same time, it oxidizes various substances of organic origin. For example, when oxidized, fabric and paper are destroyed. With prolonged contact with the skin, severe burns remain, and with short contact with yellow spots, which indicates the release of sulfur. Its peculiarity lies in the appearance of a yellow color as a result of the release of elemental sulfur, which is produced by the action of nitric acid on the protein. For this reason, gloves must be worn when handling acid concentrate. Working with sulfuric acid is more hazardous as it evaporates quickly. Remains of nitric acid must be moistened with a soda solution or washed with a large volume of water. Our store contains nitric acid, the price of which will pleasantly surprise you. We accept wholesale and retail orders.

    When stored, fuming nitric acid, which can also be purchased at an affordable price, loses its properties under the influence of light and heat.

    4HNO 3 = 2H 2 O + 4NO 2 + O 2 .

    Most often, acid is used as an aqueous solution. Besides, it is one of the elements of aqua regia and is found in assay acids. In the industrial field, it is used for the production of organic nitro products, sulfuric acid, as a fuel oxidizer in rocket technology, etc. Nitric acid, which can be bought in our market with quick delivery, is supplied in both wholesale and retail lots.

    Nitric acid affects many metals with the exception of platinum, gold, tantalum, rhodium, and a few others. Due to these properties, the substance is used to separate gold from silver. In the course of the reaction, metals are often converted to nitrates (tin / arsenic / molybdenum / tungsten - to hydrated oxides), in turn, the nitrogen of the acid is reduced. Alkali metals react quickly. At the first stage, oxidation occurs according to the reaction:

    3Cu + 2HNO 3 = 3CuO + H 2 O + 2NO.

    2 acid molecules are required for oxidation , the result is nitric oxide and water. And under the influence of oxygen and nitrogen, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is additionally produced, which gives off toxic brown-red fumes. Further, the metal oxide reacts with the acid according to the formula:

    3CuO + 6HNO 3 = 3Cu (NO 3 ) 2 + 3H 2 O.

    When separating water and salt, 6 acid molecules are used. The process occurs according to the formula:

    3Cu + 8HNO 3 = 3Cu (NO 3 ) 2 + 4H 2 O + 2NO.

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