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    Glacial acetic acid is essential in the household and industrial sectors. It is used as a solvent, for example for cellulose nitrate plastics. In various ratios it mixes up with an aqueous medium, in a dry state it is prone to hygroscopicity.

    Acetic glacial acid is also called ethanic acid, it belongs to the carboxylic group of organic acids. Esters and salts of a substance are referred to as acetates. Outside of the aquatic environment, it is customary to call acid ice, since during freezing it forms a mass that looks like blocks of ice.

    Acetic acid is of the following types:

    Ice acetic acid. (100% concentrated).

    70-80% essence.

    Vinegar synthesized from acid is 3-15%.

    Acetic glacial acid is an acidic liquid with a sharp, specific odor. The popularity of its use in various industries is due to its high dissolving properties. In addition to organic compounds, the substance also dissolves gaseous and inorganic compounds. In an aqueous medium it is capable of mixing in any proportions.

    Methods for obtaining acid:

    Oxidation of methyl formaldehyde.

    Catalytic carbolination of methyl hydroxide.

    In the process of oxidation of carbohydrates and ethyl alcohol.

    Hydration of acetylene.

    < u> Areas of use

    The need to buy acetic glacial acid arises in many industries, one of which is food (in the production of canned vegetables). On product labels, the consumer can find it under the name E260. In addition to canned vegetables, this additive is used in the manufacture of mayonnaise and similar sauces. She is involved in the process of marinating fish and meat products, the production of confectionery and many other food products. In addition to cooking, acid is used in household processes for descaling in catering.

    Acetic glacial acid is not harmful to human health, so manufacturers can use it in acceptable amounts.

    In addition to the food and cooking industry, the substance is used in the following areas:

    Chemical industry. As a solvent for chemical reagents, as well as in the production of propanone-2 and cellulose acetate.

    In laboratory analyzes. It is used as a reagent in the oxidation of various compounds, for example, minerals with hydrogen peroxide.

    During the synthesis of organic compounds, mineral paints based on inorganic binders, complex esters.

    In industrial oxidation processes.

    Production of preparations for removing weeds and other herbicides used in the agricultural sector. Acetic acid salts are effective enough to cope with the most resistant weeds.

    Manufacturing of textile products. Glacial acetic acid is used in the preparatory stages before painting or applying images to textiles.

    Production of synthetic organic dyes.

    In the process of creating printed products.

    For the synthesis of aromatic substances in the production of perfumery products.

    Manufacture of plastic products, natural and synthetic elastomers, plastic.

    Creation of food additives.

    Production of heat-resistant films.

    Household. In everyday life, acetic acid is used to remove carbon deposits, in the fight against stubborn dirt on various surfaces, for cleaning household appliances, dishes and clothes. In addition to cleaning the surface, it can also be disinfected with glacial acetic acid. The substance is used for washing clothes, softening fabrics made of various materials.

    Acetic acid in pharmaceuticals

    Acetic glacial acid, price per liter of which can be found on our website, has found wide application in the pharmaceutical industry. It is used in the production of various medicines and dietary supplements. The substance can often be found in the composition of such drugs: salicylic ester of acetic acid (aspirin), phenazone, acetophenetidine, lead acetate, as well as in a number of anti-inflammatory drugs.

    Acid can often be found in the composition of anti-lichen drugs , in remedies for getting rid of radiculitis, head lice, inflammation in the joints. Glacial acetic acid is also present in preparations that help get rid of side effects after alcohol intoxication.

    The irritating effect of acid vapors and its specific odor allow acetic acid and ammonia to be interchangeable substances that can equally be used in medical institutions. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the concentration of the solution, since if it is higher than 30 percent, you can get a burn of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract. At the same time, a lethal dose of highly concentrated acid is 20 milliliters, regardless of the method of obtaining it.

    Where is acetic acid sold

    You can buy glacial acetic acid in our online store, in the warehouse of which it is always available. We sell the substance in any batches, we guarantee a high speed of order processing so that you can receive the products in a short time.

    Glacial acetic acid (Ukraine) is supplied to us from official distributors and is accompanied by up-to-date certificates and quality certificates therefore we guarantee its compliance with high international standards. You are interested in acetic glacial acid in bulk - our online store will provide you with the opportunity to purchase it in the desired volume at a special price.

    Regardless of which batch you purchase, retail or wholesale, we provide the proper quality of service and delivery in Ukraine as soon as possible.

    Cost of substance

    In our online store you will not only acquire quality and certified acetic glacial acid, but also do it at a favorable cost. Since acid is often used at various stages of production in many industries, the quality of the final product directly depends on its quality. Therefore, it is extremely important to give preference to proven, non-falsified acid.

    Please note that the suspiciously low price for ethanic acid may indicate its low quality, which in some cases can be dangerous. In our online store, the price for acetic glacial acid corresponds to its quality, but you will not have to overpay, since we work directly with manufacturers. In addition, we remind you that we have prepared advantageous offers and individual discounts for wholesale buyers, depending on the volume of the order.

    Advantages of ordering acid from us


    By giving preference to our online store, you can be sure that glacial acetic acid is always in our warehouse, even if you are interested in wholesale supplies.

    Our managers promptly process orders to deliver the goods to you by the transport company of your choice. Make a purchase on the website or contact us in any way indicated on the website.

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