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    Dezefekt 5 litres the tested mean of disinfection 291800000

    Dezefekt 5 litres the tested mean of disinfection
    Dezefekt 5 litres the tested mean of disinfection
    Dezefekt 5 litres the tested mean of disinfection
    Dezefekt 5 litres the tested mean of disinfection
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    "Defect" 5 liters a proven disinfectant


    Disinfection, disinfection + PSO medical devices (combined in one stage ), incl. endoscopes; HLD of endoscopes; disinfection of medical products, jugs, dishes, patient care items, room surfaces, equipment, transport, linen, waste dressings and disposable medical products, sanitary equipment, etc.

    Food industry

    Meat, poultry, fish, milk processing, bakery and confectionery, cheese-making, fat-and-oil, greenhouses, mushroom growing, non-alcoholic beer, winery, alcoholic beverage, canning, ice cream, baby food, semi-finished products, cold storage facilities.

    Objects of processing

    Washing and disinfection of technological equipment (pipelines, injection machines, tops, cutters, cutlet, dumplings), cutting equipment, parts of removable equipment, tanks, fittings, inventory, conveyors, tables, containers, dishes, bathtubs, vehicles, surfaces of premises, refrigeration chambers, tunnels; technological means (freight carts, lifts, conveyors, conveyors, weights), plumbing equipment, etc. Wet disinfection of enclosing structures and surfaces of vegetable and flower greenhouses (floor, walls, glazing, etc.), racks, containers, pots, cassettes, underlaying film, working tools (knives, secateurs), utilities, workwear; creation of disinfection barriers. Destruction of mold, yeast fungi. Processing of food eggs.

    Beauty industry, SPA, fitness

    Disinfection of premises surfaces, furniture, tools, equipment; disinfection + PSO tools.


    Railway (passenger), automobile, water, air, for the transportation of food products and raw materials.

    Service sector

    Hotels, sanatoriums, cinemas, restaurants, cafes, hypermarkets, shops, baths, saunas, swimming pools, cleaning

    Objects of processing

    Disinfection of surfaces of premises, tableware, dining tables, inventory, containers, sanitary equipment, cleaning equipment, common areas, etc.

    Preschool and educational institutions

    Processing objects

    Disinfection of surfaces of premises, tableware, inventory, dining tables, sanitary equipment, etc.

    1.1. Zasib "Defect" (TU U 25636704.010 - 98) - concentrated ridina of green color, good for the water. It is a composition, as to avenge the complex of two-quarter monstrous spoluk in the quality of the active words - n-alkyldimethylbenzyl-ammonium chloride (4.5%), n-alkyldimethylbenzyl-ammonium chloride (4.5%) and other components. Zasib not revenge aldehyde, phosphate, active chlorine, sour and the most aggressive and ecologically unsafe components.

    Term zberigannya zasobu - 5 rocks.

    1.2. Zasіb "Dezefekt" Got antimіkrobnu aktivnіst in vіdnoshennі rіznomanіtnih Gram i gram-positive mіkroorganіzmіv (in addition chislі bakterіy groupies kishkovoї palichki pathogenic stafіlokoku, gnilіsnih that vegetative forms sporoutvoryuyuchih bakterіy) zbudnikіv respіratornih that kishkovih vіrusnih іnfektsіynih zahvoryuvan that plіsnyavih gribіv.

    Pidvischennya working temperature up to 50 ° C and increased antimicrobial activity.

    We have great power, as it will be able to cope when the temperature of the working temperature is adjusted up to 50 ° C. Effectively saw fatty fat, overshkodzhaє set up a siege on the walls of small van and on the inner surfaces of the canalization pipes. It is easy to move through the crumbling surfaces without overlapping traces.

    Засіб maє deodorant power, not ushkoj ob'єkti yaki obroblyayutsya, not maє korozіynoї dії, not zebarvlyє fabrics, not fіksuє organic wickedness. I am so crazy with cute and annoying surface-active speeches.

    “Defect” is not є Pozhezonezonese that vibuhoneless speech.

    1.3. According to the parameters of the state of toxicity, it is not safe to class IV according to GOST 12.1.003-76 (poorly safe speech) when introduced into the slurry and at іngalyatsіynіy дії, do not cause sensitization; I’ll use the concentrate at the viglyad. Not fly, not a little offensive odor, not mimicking the mucilaginous shell of the eyes and upper dykhalnyh nobles. Robot razchini zasobu with repeated applications, the dryness and flaking of the skin is wicked. In case of construction for an auxiliary hydraulic control unit or any technical possession zasib at viglyadi aerosol mimics the mucous membranes of the eyes and dykhalny nobles.

    1.4. At enterprises bakery, confectionery promislovost_ ta in the objects of the firm's distribution trade for the "Defect" vikoristovuyutsya:

    - for disinfection and sanitary processing (additional processes mittya and disinfection) dishes, li> Disinfection working breaks zasobu "Defect" to carry out
    in the ways of wiping, growing, soaking, fixing and memorizing in different modes, as indicated in Table No. 2. Vikoristovuyt at the level of room temperature or temperature (40-45 ° C).

  • Prophylactic disinfection on the surface of the front, technological, refrigeration and commercial possession, dishes, tariffs, inventory, transport, it’s okay to go to the front of the front and back to the surplus.

  • stini, doors and inn.), surfaces of tables

    for making cakes and tastings, technological (including cooking boilers, tanks for collecting syrup, chan, transporter and in.), refrigeration and commercial possession (wagons, counters, vitrines, refrigerators and in.), internal shop wipe the transport wipe with servet, soaked at 0.4% of the difference at

    Exposure 30 minutes or 0.3% of the range when exposing 40 minutes. Vitrati norm razchinu -

    100 ml per 1 m 2 surface.

  • To carry out the processing by the method of zroshuvannya behind an additional hydraulic control unit or at the norm of vitrati the size is 250-300 ml per 1 m 2 surface. After the end of the exhibition, the surplus of the worker can be seen from the surface with dry servetka.

    Sanitary and technical possession to wipe the ganchir twice or to clean it with a brush, wiping at 0.8% of the solution, using "Defect" and add 30 quilts.

    Superficially, the sanitary and technical possession for disinfection does not require rinsing.

    3.4. Disinfection of utensils, inventory (trays, dishes, shovels for cream, spoons, scoops, etc.), details of technological possession, internal workshops, and gallantry, eat in the middle of all Defect "at a temperature of 40 -45 ° C for 15 quilins. With a wide range of problems, there can be vicories in the range of 1-2 working changes.

    For the same process of mitt and disinfection, for mechanical cleaning and spilling with hot water, treating 0 objects, 1% of the solution for "Defect", for which to add in a whole range of 15 quills. With a wide range of problems, you can be victorious in the face of the same war. Also, it is necessary to add soda ash in a quantity of 2.5 g per 1 liter of the product to make up to 0.1% of the size of the product "Defect". Such a gap can be up to two working changes.

    If there is a problem and a decrease in the size of a problem, it is necessary to change it earlier.

    3.5. Water tanks, pipelines of supply systems for candied-salt rose, milk-candied syrup, egg products and others, using the front mitt, disinfected by the method of filling 0.4% for 30 quills, or 0.3% for 40 calories with a circulating amount the difference.

    3.6. Surface Objects, there may be contact with food products and syruvinoyu, after the end of the hour of disinfection then retreating with water until you see too much (until you know).

    3.7. Processing eggs, as vikoristoyut in the confectionery virobniztvі,

    zgіdno "State sanitary rules for enterprises (workshops), vyroblyayut confectionery virobi with cream", confirmed by the Ukrainian order of the Ministry of Defense. № 262. At the same time, when eggs are soaked, they chill at the rosette with "Defect" in a concentration of 0.1% for 10 quilins, after which it is mitty and disinfected, when it is rinsed by the running water. <3.8> . Sanitary obrobka for vehicles for transporting grub and finished products By means of a rosette, using the method of shaping up and down, using universal respirators of the RPG-67 type, or RU-60M with a V-type cartridge, either analogous, and the eyes - with hermetically sealed eyepieces.

    4.4. Save okremos of food and drink products, in places that are inaccessible to third parties.

    5. Come first for help

    1. If you get caught on the shkira, you will be prompted by running water.

    2. If you get into your eyes, you need a good amount of water on the side of 10-15 quilins, when you drop 1-2 specks of water in the eyes of 30%, it’s sulphacyl sodium. If necessary, turn up to the lykar.

    3. If you get into the slurry, you need to drink a glass of water, then take 10-20 tablets of active vug. Bluvot do not viklicati!

    4. If the rules are violated, the robot is carried out in the manner of cultivation, it can be

      signs of teasing the mucous membranes of the upper dykhalnyh shlakhiv and the eyes

      (grating at the throat, cough, shortness of breath, drip, etc.). At the end of the victim's question, it is necessary to keep s to rinse your mouth with water and warm pittya (tea, milk). If necessary, turn up to a lykar.

    6. Transport and transportation

    1. "Defect" is taken in packaging of the virobnik in the primitives, inaccessible for zagalny koristuvannya at temperatures not lower than 10 ° C and not more than 50 ° C.

    2. "Defect" is transported by international and automobile transport according to the
      rules of transportation of all categories of vantages.

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    Application domainAntiseptic treatment is кожи|Гигиеническая disinfection of hands and кожи|Обработка иньекционного поля|Хирургическая disinfection of hands and skin
    Packing of meanTank
    producerOwn production
    Type of meanDisinfectant liquid

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