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    Lime 35 kg sack 2522100000

    Lime 35 kg sack
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    35 kg bags of lime 3 grade, sale from 5 bags

    suitable for disinfection rate, for soil deoxidation, etc.

    Slaked lime / quicklime / fluff / lime dough / hydrated lime / air / calcium

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    Quicklime (lumpy lime) visually looks like a dry mass, consisting of pieces of various sizes, white. The main component of lump lime is free calcium oxide. It also contains a high content of free magnesium oxide containing CaO. The remaining lime content includes calcium ferrite, magnesium, silicate varieties, magnesium and calcium aluminates, the remainder of calcium carbonate is allowed. These constituents lime contains in small quantities, their formation is a consequence of the interaction of limestone (magnesium oxide and calcium) with other components (this is primarily quartz sand, clay, etc.) during the firing process. Lime is calcined in special industrial kilns at high temperatures.

    Ground quicklime is a dry white powder of fine particles. The physical and chemical properties of ground quicklime lime are absolutely identical to lump lime, since the difference between these products is only in fractional composition.

    Lime fluff or hydrated lime is a finely dispersed powder in a dry state. Fluff is a consequence of the process of slaking quicklime (ground or lumpy lime) in ordinary water. The chemical side of the lime slaking process is the transition of free calcium and magnesium oxide into their hydrates. The main composition of lime, which we call "fluff" is the above calcium hydrate and magnesium hydrate. The residual fraction of fluff is calcium carbonate and other impurities in an insignificant amount.

    Lime dough is a semi-liquid pasty aggregate state of lime caused by the above described slaking process in water, which ensures the transition of oxides to the state of hydrates. In the finished state, the lime dough consists of half or more of hydrates, the other part is water attached during the slaking process.

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    Price / piece / t.

    Vapno extinguished - Ukra ї to (S L 80- S )

    Vapno carbon. (for land)

    50 kg mice.

    Kreyda ММС-2 (awake)

    Mishki 30 kg.

    Kreida MTD-2 (awake)

    Limein асортиментне
    To exterminate a kindCalcium
    To exterminate типаUncanceled
    Weight35 g

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