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    Otbelivatel' with a chlorine whiteness 2828900000

    Otbelivatel' with a chlorine whiteness
    Otbelivatel' with a chlorine whiteness
    Otbelivatel' with a chlorine whiteness
    Otbelivatel' with a chlorine whiteness
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    • ТН ВЭД: 2828900000
    • The country of manufacture: Украина
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    • Brand name: Собственное производство

    Minimum order 1200 bottles, we are manufacturers, delivery time 10 days from the date of order

    "WHITE" famous brand, quality at an affordable price

    We offer you the most famous product "Whiteness" in our warehouse. Whiteness has long been known for its quality indicators and various uses. First of all, "Whiteness" allows you to effectively remove stains from white fabrics (both cotton and linen).

    If the use of "Whiteness" in washing characterizes itself from the best side, it is worth noting the results in other sectors of use. "Whiteness" is the strongest disinfectant for the treatment of both utensils (ceramics or faience) and surfaces (plastic, tiles, toilet bowl, etc.). To date, in terms of price / quality parameters, "WHITE" is successfully leading in relation to imported expensive products.

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    Bleaching of cotton and linen fabrics60 (5 soupspoons) on 5 ë. waters, 40-60 °Ñ 20-28 minutes
    Feature of meanInorganic
    For a tile, plastic, toilets100 (1/2 glass) on 0,5 ë. waters
    For tableware100 (1/2 glass) on 0,5 ë. waters
    TypeBleaching mean
    Type of washableAvtomat|Poluavtomat|Ruchnaya washable
    Washable of child's clothesTrue
    Weight900 g

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