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    Soap is liquid sale from 100 things 3401209000

    Soap is liquid sale from 100 things
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    • Brand name: Собственное производство

    Cheap liquid soap, soap from a warehouse in Kiev and delivery across Ukraine

    Liquid soap of our own production, sale from 100 units (packing 5 liters)

    Liquid soap is a universal cleaning agent, which is widely used in everyday life. Due to its soft consistency and perfumery fragrances, it not only gently cleans, but also removes odors from the skin or clothes.

    Ways of using liquid soap

    Depending on from composition, liquid soap has different uses. For example, liquid laundry soap is great for washing. It is also used for cleaning purposes instead of abrasive cleaners. This soap is often found in various industrial and home-made cleansers.

    Baby liquid soap is designed to gently cleanse the skin. It contains hypoallergenic components that protect babies not only from microbes, but also rashes and other reactions. This soap is suitable for any children's hygiene procedures, gentle washing, and is also indicated for adults with problem skin, which allows you to maximally protect yourself from allergens.

    Benefits of liquid soap

    Compared with ordinary soap, its liquid analog has a number of undeniable advantages:

    hygiene - unlike bar soap, the liquid is squeezed out through the dispenser, that is, it does not require direct contact with the hands. This allows you to safely use it not only at home, but also in public places;

    economy - once you buy soap in a bottle, you can re-buy it in bags. Liquid soap for a dispenser is cheaper and can be easily poured into a special container;

    safety - most manufacturers not only care about hypoallergenic components, but also use natural fragrances;

    convenience - liquid soap is preferable both for cleaning and for hygiene procedures due to its shape and consistency;

    gentle cleansing - thanks to its delicate creamy texture, the soap is more accurately applied to the skin, it is easy to lather and washed off, does not leave a film after application.

    If you need liquid soap, you can buy it in our online store. We offer a large selection of effective cleansers at manufacturer prices. Here you will find proven budget funds from the best manufacturers, including various types of liquid soaps with delivery to the cities of Ukraine.

    You can purchase this product in our online store by placing an order through the basket or by calling by phone specified in the contacts. We always have ..

    Application domainHands
    Classification of cosmetic meanThe masses маркет
    Level of pH11.0
    Packing of mean5 litres
    Presence of abrasive partsFalse
    Setting and resultZashchiTa|ochishchenie
    Type of skinAll types of skin

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