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    Butyl acetate is an ester. Colorless or slightly yellowish liquid with a characteristic odor. Butyl acetate is slightly soluble in water; miscible with organic solvents and vegetable oils. Butyl acetate is a good solvent for nitrocellulose, chlorinated rubber, glyphthalic resins and other film-forming substances used in the paint and varnish industry.

    Synonyms: acetic acid butyl ester.

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        Transparent liquid without mechanical impurities

        Platinum-cobalt color scale, units Khazen, no more



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        Application: Butyl acetate is used for the synthesis of chemical products, is the most common solvent in the preparation and use of paints and varnishes. Butyl acetate dissolves cellulose ethers, oils, fats, chlorinated rubbers, vinyl polymers, carbiol resins, etc. The addition of butyl acetate together with a small amount of butyl alcohol prevents whitening of the lacquer films. Butyl acetate is used in the tanning industry as a tannin.

        Danger: Technical butyl acetate is a low-hazard substance in terms of its impact on the human body. Highly flammable liquid. In a mixture with air, forms an explosive mixture.


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