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    Sintanol DS-10 3402119000

    Sintanol DS-10
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    Syntanol DS -10

    SYNTHANOLS - oxyethylated alcohols, are a mixture of polyethylene glycol ethers with different amounts of oxyethyl groups and the value of the radical R. Nonionic surfactants.

    Sintanol DS - with the general formula RO (CH2CH2O) nH, where R = C10-C18, n = 8-10. The brand is indicated by the degree of ethoxylation - Syntanol DS-10 => n = 10; colorless or light yellow paste; the content of the basic substance is 98-99%; cloud point 64-74 В° C (1% aqueous solution); well soluble in water; You can purchase this product in our online store by placing an order through the basket or by calling the phone number specified in the contacts. We always have ..

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