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    It is used in many industries and is familiar to almost everyone, albeit under different names such as sodium phosphate and sodium orthophosphate. They also write TSP for designation. However, trisodium phosphate has only one formula - Na₃PO₄12H₂O.

    Trisodium phosphate: a brief description

    This is a powder consisting of white granules. In fact, it is sodium salt, but in appearance it reminds everyone of the usual edible salt. When moisture gets in, it cakes, collecting into solid pieces, like ordinary salt. It dissolves completely in water to form a highly alkaline environment. This property is used in many ways.

    Trisodium phosphate has been produced for a very long time. This is due to its widespread use literally everywhere - from the food industry to drilling wells. The optimal technological process, wide coverage of the delivery network and competitive prices make it possible to buy trisodium phosphate without much effort. Plus, it's explosion-proof. Its high alkaline characteristics contribute to its distribution as an effective detergent that copes well with grease and stains of various etymologies.

    Trinodium phosphate: application in industry and home

    He is so firmly entrenched in our lives that it is difficult to name the areas in which sodium phosphate is not involved. And yet, we systematize a little a large number of industries that cannot do without this inorganic compound:

    - production of paper and cellulose;

    - production of cement;

    - drilling of wells;

    - energy industry;

    - equipment degreasing and scheduled or urgent pipe flushing;

    - food industry (as an additive E 339);

    -additive for clay and powders for drilling rigs;

    - equipment washing, in particular cleaning from fat residues, but only on surfaces that are not subject to the action of an alkaline solution;

    - tidying up cabinets for smoking meat and fish (used both at home and on an industrial scale);

    - removal of residual grease and washing of kitchen utensils in canteens, cafes and so on;

    - glass processing, which is being recycled;

    - high-quality cleaning floors, walls and any surfaces both in the enterprise and in the apartment.

    This is a completely incomplete list of industries in which trisodium phosphate is involved. As part of special products, it cleans water pipes - dissolves solid scale to a loose consistency. This greatly facilitates the removal of contamination from pipes and heating boilers.

    The use of sodium phosphate in the production of cellulose is noteworthy. He bleaches sheets of paper and all similar products. Drawing in white albums and the ability to write in white notebooks are the merit of trisodium phosphate. Without his participation, all paper products would be equally gray.

    In construction, mechanical engineering and even medicine, it is used wherever clean surfaces are needed. This includes degreasing and preparing for the next stage of processing.

    Features of the use of sodium phosphate

    Since trisodium phosphate to buy at retail simply, the idea of ​​using it at home gained rapid popularity. It all depends on the intended use. Let's look at some specific examples. When removing scale, dissolve from 1 to 10 grams in 1 liter of water. The thicker and older the scale layer, the more trisodium phosphate should be taken.

    For washing clothes and removing stains of various origins, use from 10 to 15 grams per liter of water. It is important to monitor compliance with the temperature regime - within 50⁰С. Such a solution is practically not taken for everyday wear. Strong substances are more likely to suit clothes or other too contaminated things.

    Trisodium phosphate: price, storage, transportation

    The price for trisodium phosphate is quite reasonable, but its delivery and storage requires attention. As a rule, the entire shipping organization is taken over by the store shipping the goods. The main requirement is a covered and dry vehicle that will prevent caking and clumping.

    When storing, it is equally important to be free of moisture. The temperature does not perform a practical function and is not particularly displayed in storage. The sodium phosphate bags should be placed in a closed, dry and ventilated area.

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