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    A methylene is chlorous
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    • The country of manufacture: Россия
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    • Brand name: Волгоградский нефтеперерабатывающий завод
    - for removing old paint and varnish coatings (perchlorovinyl, alkyd, acrylic, pentaphthalic, epoxy, vinyl, glyphthalic and other resins of hot and cold curing and others) from different surfaces (ceramics, concrete, metal);

    - in the production of film and photographic films;

    - for the synthesis of ascorbic acid in the pharmaceutical industry;

    - as a solvent for polyurethane foam;

    - for the production of low-density foam rubber;

    - as a solvent when gluing plexiglass;

    - as an organic solvent for surface cleaning;

    - as a solvent in the production of chemical fiber;

    - to ensure the work of laboratories that analyze water samples when checking the chemical composition of water for the presence of toxic metals, benzene, nitrates, nitrobenzene, ammonia, nitrites, xylene, oil products , toluene, chlorine and chlorophenol, para- and orthoxylene.

    Packaging, transportation, storage, warranty storage period for methylene chloride

    Storage conditions: methylene chloride technical (methylene chloride, dichloromethane, methylene dichloride, freon 30, freon 30.) is stored in steel sealed tanks, in steel barrels - in unheated warehouses or under a shed.

    Packing: steel drums 270 kg.

    Compositiona methylene is chlorous technical
    Type of solventметиленхлорид

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