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    Saltpetre is ammoniac Kazakhstan 3102309000

    Saltpetre is ammoniac Kazakhstan
    Saltpetre is ammoniac Kazakhstan
    Saltpetre is ammoniac Kazakhstan
    Saltpetre is ammoniac Kazakhstan
    Saltpetre is ammoniac Kazakhstan
    Saltpetre is ammoniac Kazakhstan
    Saltpetre is ammoniac Kazakhstan
    Saltpetre is ammoniac Kazakhstan
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    however, a small set of rules should be followed so as not to undermine its effectiveness.

    Features of the composition

    NH?NO? - chemical formula ammonium nitrate. Ammonium nitrate, as the drug is also called, has a granular form, and belongs to the type of nitrogen-containing fertilizers, and more than 30% consists of this element.

    The specificity of the chemical composition of nitrate excludes its storage next to peat, wood waste in the form of sawdust, lime, due to the high risk of spontaneous combustion.

    Ammonium nitrate well tolerates mixing with various preparations characterized by a high content of potassium or phosphorus. The only caveat is that mixing different types of fertilizers should not be earlier than their introduction into the soil.

    What plants can be fed

    Ammonium nitrate is not used to feed melons and pumpkin family related to it. This is due to the fact that the fruits of these crops are able to accumulate nitrates inside themselves. Processing of other plants is carried out by introducing the drug in the amount of one kg per 1 square meter. Plant feeding has a beneficial effect on increasing their weight, nutritional value.

    Saltpeter and urea: which is better

    Properties of ammonium nitrate mistakenly compared to urea. Despite the fact that they are not similar in appearance, these preparations differ both in the formula, and in the specifics of manufacturing, and in interaction with other fertilizers. Despite this, these substances belong to the group of nitrogen-containing ones, but in terms of quantity, urea exceeds ammonium nitrate by more than 11%. There are also differences in the method of application. So, carbomide is often used for spraying crops, while saltpeter applied in this way can lead to plant burns.

    Outwardly, it is not difficult to confuse these two drugs, but upon closer examination it is clear that urea granules are finer and more transparent in comparison with nitrate granules. At the same time, carbomide is not explosive if storage technology is not followed.

    How to use fertilizer

    Instructions for using ammonia nitrate is to follow simple rules. For instance, when adding it to the podzolic type of soil, take into account that the soil can be oxidized. It is necessary to apply it to light soil before sowing, and fertilization of clay soil should occur after harvest. One hectare of soil requires 300 kg of nitrate. If the soil is acidic, an equal amount of lime flour must be added to the preparation. Watering must be done after using the fertilizer.

    Concentrated form of fertilizerTrue
    Nitrogen34.4 %
    Packinga sack is 50 kg
    Preparativnaya formGranules
    producer of fertilizerExactly Azot|Cherkassy Nitrogen
    saltpetre is ammoniaca country of origin is Ukraine
    saltpetre is other namenitrate of амония
    Type of fertilizerAmmoniac saltpetre
    Weight50 kg

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