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    Potassium сернокислый 3104300000

    Potassium сернокислый
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    Potassium sulfate sour (potassium bisulfate, potassium hydrogen sulfate) - rhombohedral crystals, density 2.24-2.61 g / cm3. T. pl. 218.6 В° C.

    The reagent is readily soluble in water (32.7% at 20 В° C), the reaction of the aqueous solution is acidic (K2SO4 crystallizes from the solutions). At 160-170 В° C, the reagent partially begins to transform into K2SO4.

    It is used as a component of a flux in metallurgy, a sulfonating agent in the production of dyes. In analytical chemistry, for the translation of some compounds into easily soluble forms.

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    Type of fertilizerPotassium saltpetre

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