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    Sodium тетраборнокислый borax of 5-водый technical 2840199000

    Sodium тетраборнокислый borax of 5-водый technical
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    Sodium tetraborate ("borax В») - Na2B4O7, a salt of a weak boric acid and a strong base, a common boron compound, has several crystalline hydrates.

    Colorless crystalline powder, white in bulk. The so-called Jeweler Borax is sodium tetraborate pentahydrate Na2B4O7 5H2O. It is used in the production of special-purpose glass, fiberglass and fiberglass.

    Borax (sodium tetraborate) promotes melting of the charge, reduces the melt viscosity, prevents devitrification, which leads to an increase in strength, resistance to mechanical, chemical and thermal effects of the final product, the use of borax promotes the process of fiber formation, which leads to the strengthening of fiberglass, chemical resistance, and improved heat and sound insulation characteristics. In the production of enamels and glazes, borax (sodium tetraborate) is used as a source of boron oxide. It is used in glazes and enamels as an inorganic binder.

    Borax is used as a source of boron oxide, an antioxidant agent. In the process of processing gold ore, anhydrous borax is mainly used. The effect of the use of anhydrous borax: increased gold yield, improved quality of the resulting ingots.

    Borax (sodium tetraborate) is actively used in the production of antifreeze, lubricating and brake fluids, because forms a complex compound with iron on the metal surface, which plays the role of a protective barrier against corrosion. Sodium tetraborate (borax) is used in construction as a corrosion inhibitor of metal structures. In the production of ecowool, glues, chipboard, as a fire retardant and antiseptic. Production of detergents, cleaning agents and bleaches.

    Borax (Sodium tetraborate) is an initial component in the production of sodium perborate - the main oxygen-containing bleaching agent in powdered synthetic detergents, polishes, rubbers.


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