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    Sodium уксуснокислый 3 water technical 2915290000

    Sodium уксуснокислый 3 water technical
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    Sodium acetic acid technical is trihydrate of sodium salt of acetic acid.

    Available in the form of flakes or pieces of irregular shape. Sodium acetate is used in the textile industry to neutralize waste sulfuric acid in wastewater and as a photoresist when using aniline dyes.

    Also used in tanning with chromium salts (for pickling), and slows down the vulcanization of chloroprene when production of synthetic rubbers. Sodium acetate is also used in the home as a constituent of chemical heating pads or chemical heaters.

    Sodium acetic acid is used as an antifreeze additive for heavy, fine-grained and light concrete, in the construction of monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete structures.

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