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    Silikagel' of KSKG 2811220000

    Silikagel' of KSKG
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    • ТН ВЭД: 2811220000
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    Silica gel KSKG - Large Silica gel Large-porous Granular.

    Silica gel - is a sorbent in the form of a dried silica gel.

    Silica gel has a porous structure and a highly developed inner surface. To obtain silica gel, a solution of sodium silicate and sulfuric acid or sulphate aluminum is used, the resulting product is washed and dried.

    Silica gel is used as an adsorbent for drying air, both in rooms with high humidity and air, which is fed to the compressors. Silica gel is also used to dry natural and industrial gases: oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, chlorine, etc.

    Silica gel can be used to clarify and dry liquids that poorly dissolve water. Silica gel is used for the purification of industrial oils. Silica gel is used in pet litter.

    Packaging Unit rev.
    20 kg
    100 kg
    A mass fate of losses is at drying %, no more43864
    A product answers GOST3956-76.
    at relative humidity 20%43871
    at relative humidity 50%44069
    at relative humidity 90%37.7
    Content of spherical grains %, not less than98.4
    Mechanical durability %, not less than96.5
    Moisture-capacity %, not less than:-
    Nasipna closeness, ã/äì3, not less than752

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