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    Acid is sorrel
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    Oxalic acid - is colorless monoclinic hygroscopic crystals, readily soluble in water.

    Limited - in ethyl alcohol and diethyl ether, insoluble in chloroform, petroleum ether and benzene. Oxalic acid is a dibasic saturated carboxylic acid. Belongs to strong organic acids.

    Possesses all chemical properties characteristic of carboxylic acids. Oxalic acid salts and esters are called oxalates. Oxalic acid forms acidic and medium esters, amides, acid chloride. It is naturally found in sorrel, rhubarb and some other plants in free form and in the form of potassium and calcium oxalates.

    It is used in the chemical industry (organic synthesis, in the production of plastics, ink, in the synthesis of dyes as a component of pyrotechnic compositions), in chemical metallurgy (as a component of compositions for cleaning metals from rust, scale, oxides), in analytical chemistry (as a precipitant of rare earth elements), in microscopy (as a bleaching agent for slices).


    It is used in the textile and leather industry (mordant in calico printing and when dyeing wool and silk, when tanning leather), in the production of synthetic detergents (as a bleaching and disinfectant, a means for cleaning and removing urinary calculi, hardness salts and rust), in cosmetics (as an active additive in whitening and freckle creams), in water purification systems (chemical method of cleaning and reducing water hardness, cleaning coolants at nuclear power plants).

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