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    Glyukono delta lactone of E-575 2932209000

    Glyukono delta lactone of E-575
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    Glucono-delta-lactone (E575) is of synthetic origin and has a zero hazard level (safe for health).

    Food additive E575 (chemical substance Glucono-delta-lactone (GDL)) is a white or creamy fine crystalline powder. Glucono-delta-lactone is hygroscopic, tasteless and odorless, readily soluble in water. Chemical formula of the substance: C6h20O6.

    In the food industry it is used as stabilizers, anti-caking agent, baking powder, emulsifiers. In addition, the food additive E575 is used to accelerate the ripening of products and stabilize color. Glucono delta lactone is considered a supplement safe for human health.

    Approved for use in the food industry in most countries as a food additive.

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