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    Citric acid is an organic substance in the form of white crystals of the same size and shape. It is found in citrus fruits and some other fruits, berries and vegetables. It is used as a natural preservative and antioxidant for various purposes in industry and at home. Citric acid has a tribasic formula, which is a carboxylic compound. Its derivatives are called citrates.

    Citric acid: availability and benefit of use

    In industry and in everyday life life is in great demand citric acid. That this is known not only to adults, but also to many children. It is on the shelf of any supermarket, but a small package is often not enough for various needs. In specialized stores, the substance is provided in a wide range with different characteristics and prices. So it will not be difficult to buy citric acid in Kiev and throughout Ukraine. It is important to understand the quality of the additive, namely to know the physical and chemical characteristics such as color, odor, solubility, etc. The choice of a store for a wholesale purchase is no less important. The right supplier will offer high quality goods at a reasonable price, arrange delivery and advise on any questions you may have.

    We will tell you about citric acid and its properties in detail in the material, and right now we will remind you about the convenience of buying in our store ... The additive strictly complies with the state GOST. Our warehouses are designed to store chemicals in optimal conditions. Managers quickly process orders and send the goods to you. You can buy citric acid wholesale and retail in three types - first and highest grade, as well as extra. Our store has certificates to confirm the quality of products.

    Citric acid: properties and main characteristics

    Citric acid crystals are white in color and have a pleasant sour taste. The first grade can be yellowish. A high-quality dry powder does not stick or clump. It dissolves well in water and ethyl alcohol.

    Citric acid melts at a temperature of 153⁰C, and at 175⁰, splitting processes begin. The thermal reaction produces aconitic acid with the release of carbon dioxide and water.

    The molar mass of citric acid is 192.13 g / mol, and the density is 1.665 g / cm³, the dissociation constant is 3.14.

    Among others properties:

    Photoluminescence. Under the influence of ultraviolet light, it emits a faint green glow for a short time.

    Biodegradability under certain conditions.

    The powder is not flammable and not explosive, unlike many other substances .

    Citric acid and its benefits can hardly be overestimated. It participates in biochemical processes, in particular cell respiration. This explains its presence in many plants and animal organisms.

    Industrial production of citric acid

    In order to buy citric acid of high quality and at a reasonable price, it is important to know about its origin and methods of obtaining. Everyone knows that many plants contain it in large quantities. It is noteworthy that it is found not only in orange and lemon, but also in gooseberries, strawberries, peaches, plums, mountain ash and even tomatoes. Leadership belongs to lime.

    In industry due to the impossibility of using plant juice. For the first time, citrate was isolated from juice by the Swedish chemist Karl Scheele in 1784. The citric acid itself was obtained only a century later in England - in 1860

    Today, production is based on fermentation methods, which began to be used to obtain citric acid only from the beginning of the twentieth century. Biosynthesis takes place in several stages:

    1. Preparing molasses.

    2. Fermentation of sucrose with oxygen access.

    3. Adding slaked lime to obtain a sludge. The reaction will precipitate calcium citrate.

    4. At the final stage, the citric acid molecule is reduced. For this, H₂SO₄ is added and CaSO₄ is removed.

    As a result, the manufacturer obtains a dry powder with high absorbent properties. That is why storage in a ventilated warehouse is so important for citric acid. High humidity in the room is unacceptable, as it can spoil the physical parameters.

    Citric acid: benefits and applications

    Citric acid has very varied. It is used as a natural preservative, antioxidant, vitamin C source, antioxidant, flavoring agent, purifier, and more. These functions determine its wide application in industry:

    ü Food.

    ü Pharmaceuticals.

    ü Cosmetology.

    ü Construction.

    ü Oil refining.

    ü Electric power industry.

    ü Production of household chemicals.

    Citric acid is often bought in bulk for for the food industry . Its well-established name in this area is the preservative E 330. It has a lighter and more pleasant taste in comparison with other acids. Antioxidant, flavor regulator, preservative and acidifier - that's all about citric acid. Its technological features are the key to its successful use in almost every product.

    Food citric acid is often used for baking bread and other flour products, as well as confectioners. And all thanks to the fact that it becomes an effective baking powder by reacting with soda. When baked, such pastries or ordinary bread become more fluffy, are well suited when standing and in the oven.

    In addition to dough, citric acid has many functions. E 330 is added to fat and oil to prevent oxidation, and to processed cheese to increase elasticity. Injected into wine to prevent turbidity, into fish to normalize acidity, in condensed milk and other canned food so that dangerous nitrogenous compounds - melanoids do not appear. The production of juices and sugary drinks, ice cream and jellies, sweets and cream cannot do without this universal substance.

    The price of citric acid is low, and therefore it is convenient to use it even at home as a conservative. It extends the shelf life of various canned foods and improves their taste. Meat and fish, fruit and vegetable contents of the jars not only stay on the shelves longer, but also acquire a balanced taste.

    It is noteworthy that citric acid affects not only the color of food. It protects fruit and vegetable purees from darkening, stabilizes the color of the sausage without changing its quality characteristics.

    Citric acid value is also important for the pharmaceutical market . Chemists make extensive use of its various properties in the production of pharmaceuticals. For example, it can slow down clotting and preserve blood directly, improve metabolism in the body.

    Making various tubes and jars of cosmetics is another wide area of ​​application of citric acid. For the cosmetics industry it helps to control pH, combines components, in bath mixes it is responsible for effervescence and bubbling, in facial cosmetics it whitens, tightens pores, rejuvenates. It is added to creams, lotions, shampoos, elixirs and styling products.

    Using citric acid for hair is very popular, especially among blondes. Its use is shown for hair prone to oily content. It softens tap water. The chemical removes the remaining sebum from the hair, tones the scalp. The brightening effect of citric acid has long been known. With constant use, it is recommended to monitor the manifestation of dryness and irritation.

    Citric acid 1 kg can be bought not only for industrial purposes, but also for home use. And yet, the various properties of an organic compound are actively used in different areas of production. In construction, it acts as an additional component in gypsum and cement solutions. It is used when it is necessary to increase the setting time.

    In the oil industry, it balances the acidity level of multi-component drilling fluids.

    As an excellent cleaner, it is added to many household chemicals. In addition, housewives know many recipes using citric acid. It helps remove sweat stains, mildew and deposits from tap water.

    On circuit boards, it is used with hydrogen peroxide to remove the copper layer.

    It is profitable to buy citric acid in bulk for subsequent retail sale. There are many uses in every home.

    1. It is actively used in cooking. It dissolves quickly, does not harm people, animals, the environment. She has no scent and the preserving and taste qualities are priceless. During the rolling season, citric acid is added to virtually every jar, making it a safe alternative to vinegar. It is added to borscht and various sauces, meat gravies and mushroom stews, when you need to slightly acidify the dish. Almost no rich and unleavened pastry is complete without citric acid, which is an essential component of baking powder for dough.

    2. Many homemade beauty recipes are based on citric acid and its benefits. Lightening the skin and hair, reducing the secretion of the sebaceous glands, toning and antiseptic properties - all this has found embodiment in masks and rinses. The skin of the face and hands restores elasticity, rejuvenates, and reduces the intensity of pigmentation.

    3. An excellent alternative to harsh chemicals. It copes well with dirt on chrome surfaces, removing limestone deposits and giving shine. Yellowing and stubborn odors, limescale and rust are due to citric acid. It works well on a variety of materials, including plastics, stainless steel, enamelled surfaces, tiles, and aluminum.

    4. In gardening, seedlings and plants are watered, increasing the acidity of the soil where there is a need.

    5. Homes prolong the freshness of cut flowers. Garden roses react especially well to acidified water.

    6. Silver products are cleaned with citric acid. It restores color and shine to jewelry and cutlery.

    Citric acid wholesale and retail

    Knowing the main characteristics and properties, it is easy to check the quality of the product, its compliance with state standards. Citric acid is always available in sufficient quantities in our warehouse. The price for 1 kg will delight you. You can also buy other chemicals for the needs of manufacturing, construction, laboratory and home use. Buying in one place will save you time and reduce shipping costs. Specially equipped ventilated rooms protect food from excessive moisture and direct sunlight. Proper temperature conditions and appropriate packaging preserve all properties and ensure safety.

    Our company regularly monitors the needs and pricing policy for chemicals. We are ready to offer you citric acid to buy in Kiev and with delivery across Ukraine at the best cost. Our managers will advise you and offer you a system of discounts for large orders. We provide you with the opportunity to buy all the chemicals you need in large and small quantities. For citric acid, the price is finally formed on the volume of your order. Contact us to calculate a personal discount.

    If you have any questions, call us at the contact numbers or write to the mail. We will provide quality certificates, dispel doubts and help with ordering. Be sure that it will not be difficult for you to buy citric acid 1 kg.

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