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    Maltodextrin of E-459 1702905000

    Maltodextrin of E-459
    Maltodextrin of E-459
    Maltodextrin of E-459
    Maltodextrin of E-459
    Maltodextrin of E-459
    Maltodextrin of E-459
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    Maltodextrin: main properties and benefits of use

    Maltodextrin is a fast carbohydrate that contains mono- and polysaccharides, as well as glucose and maltose. The substance is synthesized most often from corn, potatoes, rice or wheat.

    Physical characteristics of the substance

    Like all types of carbohydrates , it has a sweetish taste and a sticky texture - it looks like a viscous sugar syrup. If it is dried, the maltodextrin turns into a cream or white powder. This substance is easily soluble in water and does not have an intense fragrance.

    Maltodextrin does not contain large amounts of natural sugar. The main reason for its popularity is the ability of the substance to quickly restore normal levels of glycogen, which is contained in the liver and muscles. It is his reserves that are quickly consumed during intense physical exertion. Therefore, in bodybuilding maltodextrin is one of the most popular components for creating balanced sports nutrition products.

    This component has the following positive properties:

    promotes a uniform increase in content glucose in the blood, which reduces the load on the pancreas;

    low rate of breakdown in the intestine provides a long-term effect of the substance on the body;

    accelerates muscle gain for athletes;

    improves the absorption of proteins, fats and other types of carbohydrates;

    improves the absorption of creatine;

    increases the concentration of insulin in the blood, which is necessary for the increased production of hormones - they are responsible for rapid mass gain.

    Maltodextrin: use substances in everyday life and industry

    The additive has been used in a variety of fields, often the substance is used in food industry enterprises. Maltodextrin is approved for use as a preservative, flavor enhancer, moisture absorber, baking powder and thickener. Most often you can find this component in baked goods, instant products and sauces.

    Maltodextrin is an additive that is approved for use in infant formula and sports nutrition. It is believed to be safe for the body and has a positive effect on the digestion process. This complex of natural carbohydrates complements protein perfectly. Based on maltodextrin, bodybuilders make energy cocktails that they drink before or after training. The main advantage of the substance is its hypoallergenicity, it does not contain emulsifiers, artificial sweeteners or colors in its composition.

    Maltodextrin is also worth buying for the manufacture of cosmetic products. This component simultaneously acts as a preservative and a thickener - it improves the texture of the product and increases its shelf life. In pharmacology, it is used as a natural sweetener for pharmaceuticals.

    Maltodextrin: safety use

    In the scientific world, they did not come to a single opinion about the benefits or harms of this component. Before you start actively using it, you should analyze all the pros and cons.

    The main benefit of using maltodextrin is that:

    it is much better absorbed the body, rather than starch, so the additive is used for the manufacture of baby food;

    it is 100% natural product without synthetic additives;

    it reduces the concentration blood cholesterol;

    it contains a natural source of energy - glucose.

    What is the harm of maltodextrin when used frequently? It:

    can be made from natural raw materials that contain GMO particles;

    is contraindicated for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes;

    contains no nutrients other than carbohydrates;

    slows down the growth of probiotics in the body, which is fraught with bloating and diarrhea;

    When used uncontrolled, it increases the number of fat cells in the body.

    Maltodextrin: where to buy and how to use it correctly?

    In our store you can find maltodextrin, which contains at least 95% carbohydrates. As 1 serving for a gainer, we recommend using at least 30 g of maltodextrin, with this component it is difficult to overdo it and cause harm to the body.

    Most often, when making sports nutrition cocktails, the following proportion is used: 3 parts of maltodextrin per 1 part protein. As a result, a cocktail of 90 g of carbohydrates and 30 g of protein is ready for consumption. The energy value of maltodextrin is 390 kcal.

    You can buy maltodextrin in Kiev at any time convenient for you. Our store offers packaging of 25 kg for retail customers and a special offer for wholesale customers.

    Check the price for maltodextrin per kg from our managers on the website. Tired of using unreliable energy drinks and you care about health? Contact us and order certified components for sports nutrition right now!

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