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    orthophosphoric acid food grade 35 kg 85% 2809200000

    orthophosphoric acid food grade 35 kg 85%
    orthophosphoric acid food grade 35 kg 85%
    orthophosphoric acid food grade 35 kg 85%
    orthophosphoric acid food grade 35 kg 85%
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    Orthophosphoric acid: we reveal unlimited opportunities

    By contacting our company, you can buy orthophosphoric acid at the best price. Its quality is confirmed by an appropriate certificate and laboratory reports. Managers are ready to answer any questions, provide expert advice, discuss payment terms, and determine the exact delivery time. You can also place an order, get information of interest by using e-mail.

    Orthophosphoric acid, which has the molecular formula H3PO4, is the most famous chemical substance. which is the basis of many industrial processes. It is characterized by the following properties:

    • in the normal state it is white crystals;

    • turns into a colorless liquid at a melting point above 42 0 C;

    • dissolves with solvents, ethanol and water;

    • hygroscopic, non-flammable, non-flammable.

    Mainly used as 85- a percentage aqueous solution of a syrupy consistency, colorless and odorless, with a characteristic viscosity.

    It can be obtained by combining hydrochloric or sulfuric acid and any inorganic phosphate, such as calcium, as well as by hydrolysis of phosphorus pentachloride, reactions of water and phosphorus (V) oxide. The industry is dominated by thermal and extraction methods.

    Phosphoric acid: application

    Due to its unique properties and low price, it used in leading industries: chemical, metallurgical, food, machine-building.

    The substance is used as a flux during brazing, which is an important technological process. The acid makes it easy to work with ferrous metals, stainless steel and oxidized copper. It is used in its pure form, and is also introduced into the composition of other fluxes. It is indispensable for chemical polishing and for removing rust on metal surfaces, and helps prevent corrosion. Part of the structure of a phosphated coating that increases wear resistance, increasing hardness, enhancing electrical insulation.

    The property of the substance transforms rust into iron phosphates, allows it to be used for cleaning and washing coils, boilers, steam generators, water heaters, boilers, machine parts and mechanisms.

    When used for domestic purposes, precautions and instructions should be followed.

    In the food industry, it known as E338. It is mainly used as an acidity regulator in the composition of sugary carbonated soft drinks, increases the shelf life, enhances the effect of antioxidants and antioxidants. The substance allows to stabilize the color and taste, imparting sourness. Due to its low cost, it is used in the production of sausages, flour products, cheeses, spices, sweets and sugar.

    Phosphoric acid is recognized as a safe food additive, subject to adherence to acceptable standards and is allowed for use in many countries. This statement was repeatedly questioned and was the reason for endless disputes and conjectures.

    Medicine belongs to a wide range of spheres of its application. The substance is a part of pharmaceuticals, is used in dentistry immediately before filling and in prosthetics.

    In the chemical industry, acid is indispensable as a catalyst in the process of organic synthesis. Part of synthetic detergents, detergents and softeners.

    The substance is fireproof. This makes it possible to widely use for the production of refractory agents that prevent the combustion of products from wood and other materials. It is used for the manufacture of fire retardant building materials: wood-based panels, paints, enamels, varnishes, ceramics. In the textile industry, it is used for the manufacture of fabrics with impregnation, resistant to fire, as well as protective waterproof and windproof outerwear, for example, ski suits.

    The main products, containing phosphoric acid, are mineral fertilizers. They are indispensable for agriculture. br />
    • as a binder of freon used for industrial refrigeration units;

    • for the production of film, matches;

    • as a component of chemical reagents;

    • in whitening toothpastes.

    Orthophosphoric acid: buy

    The company has its own warehouses, which is a guarantee of the constant availability of goods. It is not difficult to buy orthophosphoric acid at retail and wholesale. The price of phosphoric acid directly depends on the purchased quantity. When ordering a large batch, you can get a substantial discount, which is negotiated with the manager. The presence of a vehicle fleet significantly speeds up the process of shipment and delivery to any point in Ukraine. Transportation is carried out with strict observance of precautions, taking into account the requirements and rules for the carriage of dangerous goods.

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