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    Vaseline butter is a lung 2710198500

    Vaseline butter is a lung
    Vaseline butter is a lung
    Vaseline butter is a lung
    Vaseline butter is a lung
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    Vaseline oil (Oleum vaselini seu Parafinum liquidum," liquid paraffin ") - the refined fraction of oil obtained after distillation of kerosene, in which there are no harmful organic substances and their compounds. A mixture of saturated hydrocarbons with С10 ? С15. Colorless oily liquid that softens ointment bases.

    Miscible with fats and oils (excluding castor), has all the properties of petroleum jelly. On the basis of petroleum jelly, many different medical and cosmetic ointments are created, it is used as a solvent for a number of drugs intended for injection and as an antifoam agent in the production of penicillin.

    Vaseline oil is used to create plastic, resistant to strong oxidants lubricants.

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    Type of raw materialNatural
    Use of vaselineMedical

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