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    Acid is an ant 2915110000

    Acid is an ant
    Acid is an ant
    Acid is an ant
    Acid is an ant
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    Formic acid (systematic name: methanoic acid) is the first representative in the series of saturated monobasic carboxylic acids. Registered as a food additive under the designation E236.

    Formic acid is mainly used as a preservative and antibacterial agent in feed preparation. Formic acid slows down the processes of decay and decay, so that hay and silage treated with formic acid last longer. Formic acid is also used in mordant dyeing of wool, to fight parasites in beekeeping, as a solvent in some chemical reactions, as bleach in leather tanning, etc. [source unspecified 839 days].

    laboratories use the decomposition of liquid formic acid under the action of hot concentrated sulfuric acid,

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