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    sorbic acid E200

    manufacturer: Wenda (China)

    product description: natural preservative

    Food additive, preservative E200. Dosages in the food industry: 0.05-0.2%

    Inhibits yeast, mold fungi, some bacteria.

    Sorbic acid exhibits antimicrobial effects only at pH below 6.5.

    In the recommended dosages, it does not change the organoleptic properties of food products.

    Appearance: white crystalline powder with a weak specific odor and slightly acidic taste.

    Sorbic acid: characteristics, spheres Application

    Sorbic acid is a natural preservative in crystalline form. The crystals are white and poorly soluble in water.

    Trans, trans-2,4-hexadienoic acid refers to monobasic unsaturated carboxylic acids, compounds that do not contain aromatic bonds. Sorbic acid is used in the food industry and is added to a variety of foods and beverages. In addition to the food industry, it is widely used in the manufacture of various elastic materials, concrete mixers, synthesized oils, tobacco products.

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    4 main characteristics of acid

    Sorbic acid outwardly resembles ordinary sugar, but it tastes slightly sour, and the specific aroma is subtle. The substance is referred to as linear aliphatic monobasic carboxylic acids with an open chain. Unlike other substances absorbed during sorption, the acid is practically insoluble in water, unlike ethanol, which dissolves it well.

    Rowan is a natural source of sorbic acid. It is noteworthy that the substance got its name from the Latin Sorbus (mountain ash), since it was first synthesized from the unripe fruits of this tree. In the laboratory, the acid was obtained at the very beginning of the 20th century.

    In the modern world, a substance is synthesized by condensing the aggregates of ketene (ethenone) and β-methacrolein. Acidic surfactants, for example, boron trifluoride, are also involved in this process.

    It should be noted that sorbic acid is also found in nature in other plant products.

    Physical properties

    The structural formula of sorbic acid is as follows: C6H8O2.

    Melting point: 134 degrees.

    < Sorbic acid is found in foods, and labels describing its presence may be indicated by the E200 code. As a biocide, the substance inhibits the growth of harmful fungi and mold in food. This is especially true for those food products, the acid-base balance of which is less than 6.5.

    The substance is often added to candied fruit pieces (candied fruits), low-alcohol fermentation drinks, sweet sauces, various fillings for pastries, dairy products, concentrated soups, confectionery, as well as in the process of making wine.

    In addition, the preservative has found its use in the medical and cosmetic industry. Sorbic acid is used as a plasticizer and moisturizer in deodorant products, creams, tooth and oral cavity cleaning pastes, various face and body creams, decorative cosmetics. The acid is also used in the manufacture of rubber, synthetic oils, elastomers and plasticizing products.

    Use in cooking

    Special attention should be paid pay attention to the use of a preservative in the food industry, because this is the most demanded field of its application It is used as a mono preservative or in combination with other preservative ingredients to prolong the shelf life of food products, as well as to prevent the growth of fungi and mold in food.

    Sorbic acid is used in bread baking and muffins. In addition, a preservative is added to the following products:

    In the food industry, sorbic acid is used not only in food production, but also in the processing of packaging material in which the products will be sold. The preservative is approved for use not only in Ukraine, but also in European countries, the USA, and neighboring countries.

    Effects on human health

    Research has led to the conclusion that the preservative not only does not have a detrimental effect on the human body, but in some way can be beneficial. We are talking about its antiseptic effect, that is, the acid helps the body to cope with harmful microbes and accelerates the elimination of toxins. In addition, it has been scientifically proven that the substance is not carcinogenic.

    Despite the fact that that the substance is of low toxicity, there are established doses that should not be increased. The calculation of the permissible dose in milligrams should be carried out based on body weight: for each kg, no more than 12.5 milligrams of sorbic acid should be consumed in one day. That is, the supplement should be about 0.2 percent of the food consumed.

    A side effect that occurs when the manufacturer increases the allowable dosage or when a person consumes a significant amount of food with this substance in the composition, can become the following:

    an allergic reaction in any of its manifestations;

    itching / rash;

    skin irritation ;

    nettle fever.

    In addition, exceeding the recommended dosage can lead to the excretion of cobalamin (vitamin B12) from the human body, which can lead to neurological disorders.

    Where to buy a preservative

    You can buy sorbic acid preservative in our online store. The preservative is always in stock, regardless of whether you purchase it in bulk or you are interested in a retail batch. We are located in Ukraine, so delivery to any region will not take much time. You have the opportunity to choose the services of the carrier that you are most comfortable with.

    Our online store cooperates only with official enterprises producing sorbic acid, therefore you can be sure of the certification and high quality of the goods.

    The cost of the preservative

    You want to buy sorbic acid at the most profitable conditions for you, give preference not to intermediaries, but to stores that work directly with the manufacturer. Our online store sells the substance at favorable prices, since it orders the goods from the manufacturer.

    Acid supplies are accompanied by official documentation: current quality certificates and copies of the conclusion from the laboratory conclusion. In addition, if you order goods in bulk, you can take advantage of our advantageous system of discounts. You can contact our manager to discuss the size of a discount or order products in any way convenient for you, indicated on the site.

    CompositionAcid sorbic E200
    Packing25 kg sack

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