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    Fructose is a natural source of sugar

    In nature, many types of foods contain natural sugar, he received the name fructose. Most of all its concentration is in grapes, honey, various types of roots and fruits, as well as flowers.

    Fructose: what it is and what this substance is for

    It is this component that gives products and ready-made food sweetish taste. Fructose is about 1.2 times sweeter than regular table sugar, which is used in everyday life and in the food industry.

    Fructose, the formula of which is C6H12O6, unlike other types of natural and synthetic sweeteners , contains a small amount of calories. That is why this type of sweetener is often used in the manufacture of various bakery and confectionery products - it has no restrictions on its use in food.

    Fructose looks like a white solid crystalline substance, odorless, it is the most soluble of all sugars known to man. Its molar mass is 180.16 g / mol, the substance melts at a temperature of 103 ° C, and its density is 1.694 g / cm3.

    Fructose, the instructions for use of which allow it to be used not only in cooking, it is also popular in the cosmetics industry. The plant origin of fructose is suitable for creating environmentally friendly cosmetics for especially sensitive skin.

    Fructose: its structure, properties, industrial application

    Food fructose is also more called levulose, fruit or fruit sugar. Its reaction with glucose leads to the synthesis of sucrose - this is the scientific name for food sugar.

    The price for 1 kg of fructose is quite affordable, it is often used in the home canning process for making jams and jams.

    Adding this component to food instead of regular sugar reduces its calorie content while providing the same sweet taste. Moreover, fructose reduces the risk of tooth decay in children and adults, and also improves the natural aroma of berries and fruits.

    The fructose content in products eliminates the possibility of developing an allergic reaction, so every day its fans consumption as an analogue of synthetic sweeteners is becoming more and more.

    Fructose: characteristics of the benefits of using the substance

    Fructose should be bought and actively used because it :

    Is the safest source of carbohydrates for humans. Fructose does not increase the glycemic index in the blood and sugar level, and also does not provoke an increased release of insulin, as it happens with the use of ordinary table sugar.

    It is promptly and independently excreted from the body, does not accumulate in it .

    Ideal for dietary nutrition.

    It is absorbed faster by the body than sucrose and more effectively restores its strength after intense mental and physical exertion.

    Increases the defenses of the immune system.

    Fructose: where to buy and how to use it correctly

    Before you buy this natural type of sugar,

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