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    Dry vegetable creams 26% to the adiposeness 1901909900

    Dry vegetable creams 26% to the adiposeness
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    Cream of vegetable powder 25% fat content

    manufacturer: Jambo Grand (China) Mokate (Poland)

    Vegetable cream

    Dry vegetable cream - a substitute for natural cream obtained from vegetable fats (most often coconut, palm, or palm kernel butter). The mixture, however, also contains milk proteins (mainly sodium caseinate), which give the taste, color and aroma of natural cream. The composition of "vegetable cream" also includes acidity regulators, stabilizers, emulsifiers, flavorings and colorants.

    Replacing milk cream with vegetable cream increases the shelf life several times. At the same time, the taste of the product does not suffer.

    Vegetable cream is used:

    • in the production of instant food (soups, cereals, sauces)

    • for the production of drinks (3in1 coffee, hot chocolate)

    • in the confectionery industry for production of desserts, ice cream, various confectionery

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