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    Citric acid

    Organic tricarboxylic acid is also called citric acid. There is a lot of it in fruits (lemons, grapefruits, oranges, pomelo). The substance looks like a homogeneous powder with fine white grains without lumps. Citric acid is considered weak; in the food industry (and not only) it is used as an antioxidant and preservative. It is a good alternative to vinegar if its smell is inappropriate, for example, in fruit preserves or cosmetics.

    Citric acid properties

    Citric acid is presented in our range wholesale, which fully complies with the standards, which is confirmed by quality certificates. At room temperature, this substance is solid white or slightly transparent grains. Sometimes it has a slightly yellowish tint, which is quite acceptable for the 1st grade. Besides it, citric acid, which will be the easiest to buy in our store, is of the highest grade and "extra".

    Regardless of the grade, the acid is represented by small crystals of irregular shape with a sour taste and no odor. The substance is highly soluble in water and alcohol solutions, as well as in pure alcohol, worse in ethoxyethane. At the same time, pure water as a result of a chemical reaction does not acquire any smell, since it did not have it even before the addition of acid. Citric acid melts at a temperature of 153 degrees, decomposes at 175 degrees. In the process of decomposition, it breaks down into water and carbon dioxide. Its additional properties are:


    No toxicity.

    Immunity to fire.

    It participates in the process of respiration of skin cells of living organisms, the metabolism of tricarboxylic acids as an intermediate product, is present in almost any nucleus.

    Where citric acid is used

    Citric acid is bought in bulk quite often. It is needed by enterprises producing preservation of any kind, sauces, seasonings and spices, household chemicals. It is supplied by many companies at different prices, but it is important that so that the additive fully meets the standards - it is dry, not sticky, easily crumbles, retains a snow-white color or other shades within the requirements of GOST. To understand whether a supplier really offers high-quality products, you need to understand the physical and chemical properties of citric acid. The price should correspond to the quality, but not be overpriced.

    Therefore, when looking for an answer to the question of where to order citric acid, you should pay attention to our online store. We will always offer a quality product at the best price. Prompt delivery to any region of Ukraine, small and large wholesale - everything is at the service of buyers.

    Citric acid production

    Wholesale buying citric acid is not difficult, but this can be done correctly only if you have certain knowledge. In what sources is it present in the greatest quantity and how is it produced on an industrial scale?

    In natural conditions, citric acid can be encountered literally at every step. There is a lot of it in citrus fruits, cranberries, lingonberries, and other berries. Fruits such as pineapple also boast of its abundance. There is a lot of it in young needles, and even in the stalks of makhorka (tobacco) near the root. But a particularly large amount of acid is in semi-ripe lemons, Chinese magnolia vine and other plants.

    Enterprises producing acid receive acid by fermentation of sucrose / glucose. To obtain high-quality citric acid, Ukraine produces it in several stages:

    Preparation of raw materials.

    Aerobic reaction of sucrose.

    Precipitation of the resulting substrate with slaked lime.

    Conversion of calcium citrate into citric acid. To do this, it is enriched with sulfuric acid and excess substances are removed.

    The result is the receipt of all the familiar white grains with a sour taste, which are available in the kitchen of almost every housewife. Remember to store citric acid at the optimal temperature in a dry place, otherwise it will clump.

    Where citric acid is needed

    Many businesses will need to buy citric acid in bulk. First of all, this is the food industry. It is used as a food additive E330 - a preservative in canned vegetables / fish / fruit, an acidity regulator in drinks and sauces, a taste modifier in other products. A wide range of technological capabilities makes it almost irreplaceable, and its mild taste, combined with the absence of odor, allows it to be used in any product.

    Industrial preservation of meat, fish, fruits and vegetables without this food additive will quickly become unusable, because acid acts as a natural preservative and stabilizes the condition of pickled vegetables. It is due to the low content of food acid that they remain crispy, but moderately soft.

    It is widely used in bakeries - for them citric acid in bulk at the optimal price is always required. It is she who, in a duet with baking soda, creates the very effect of airiness and splendor, which is so appreciated in bread and rolls. High quality refined oil and deodorized fats will not work without her participation either. It is she who stops the oxidation process and removes extraneous odors. Easy spreadable processed cheese is also obtained by adding citric acid.

    It is necessary in canned fish to stabilize the pH, in wine to keep it from cloudy, and even in condensed milk. The production of juices and drinks without alcohol is indispensable without it - in them it is used as an acidity regulator. Ice cream, candy, jelly, and other confectionery businesses also need to buy citric acid.

    Citric acid is bought food (the price for 1 kg is specified individually) and for the production of meat products, in particular sausages. The additive regulates the color, makes it pleasant and appetizing. When working with raw fruit, it is used to prevent the appearance of dark spots and areas. Any tasks assigned to it are perfectly performed. And the food additive itself is often used both in cooking and in various everyday situations.

    Pharmaceutical companies are also ready to buy citric acid in Ukraine. Any pharmacist knows that it is used as a component of drugs to reduce blood clotting and prevent blood clots (aspirin, citramone), and is also an excellent preservative for blood during its storage and transportation. It works effectively, and the price pleases. In the human body, it regulates energy metabolism and works with metabolism.

    Cosmetic concerns are also ready to buy citric acid in bulk, because the production of cosmetics is impossible without it. It acts as a regulator of acidity, and as a chelating agent, and as an assistant in the formation of complexes. It is invariably found in many tonics, especially skin lightening creams, peeling creams, effervescent bath compositions, various shampoos, elixirs, hair sprays and gels. Moreover, the dosage can be any.

    Since citric acid can become a connecting link in connecting complexes, it is actively used in chemical plants, in the manufacture of fabrics, leather dressing, in metallurgy and so on.

    In addition, citric acid:

    Serves as a retardant in the process of cement or gypsum hardening, therefore it is indispensable in construction.

    Neutralizes high alkaline acid balance in solutions for drilling oil rigs.

    It is found in the overwhelming amount of household chemicals as a cleaner. It participates in the process of etching boards for printing.

    It is used in energy enterprises.

    It is important to buy citric acid in bulk, the price of which will be quite loyal. This will reduce the cost of the production process and make the final product more accessible to the consumer.

    How is citric acid used in everyday life?

    Any housewife always keeps a bag of white crystals in the kitchen - they are added to compotes, jelly, dough (along with soda), canning, sauces and gravies. Such popularity is facilitated by the rapid dissolution of the substance, the absence of foreign aromas, a mild taste, and a low price for citric acid. But besides this, it is often:

    Used in cosmetic procedures. Its ability to renew skin cells is good during peelings, it is added to hair masks, to bath compositions to remove toxins from the body.

    You can buy citric acid to fix hair, as well as for soft lightening or creating a “burnt-out strand effect.”

    Used to clean any surface, from gas stoves to bathroom taps. It easily removes limescale, rust, stains of any origin, unpleasant odors. Every woman knows a recipe for getting rid of limescale in kettles, irons or an automatic washing machine. It is worth filling in a few bags of citric acid and starting the cycle at the maximum temperature, and in a kettle, just boil water with white acidic crystals and leave it for several hours, preferably overnight. In the morning, there will be no trace of scale. With the help of citric acid, you can bring perfect cleanliness in the house, regardless of the type of dirty surface. It cleans plastic, metal, and ceramic tiles equally well.

    Used to care for indoor or garden plants. Some of them need acidic soil, and for this it is worth buying citric acid in bulk, so that it is enough for all plants. Purchased to preserve bouquets longer, especially from roses.

    They buy to clean some types of dishes - silver, cupronickel, steel. After such cleaning, the items should be thoroughly rinsed. Old fat is perfectly cleaned from pots and pans.

    Therefore, if you need citric acid, you should buy it in our store.

    How to order citric acid?

    Our online store has been operating in the market of chemical reagents for many years and during this time has gained vast experience. Our employees select only quality products. In addition, in addition to citric acid, you can buy propylene glycol and potassium permanganate in any quantity. The range includes chemical laboratory equipment that works flawlessly.

    All our commercial products are of high quality, which is confirmed by certificates. For example, boric acid, which can be bought with all the relevant documents, and other types of acids. Transparent terms of cooperation and prompt delivery will be pleasant bonuses. Almost all goods from the catalog are in stock - you do not need to wait for them for weeks, and with the help of our own vehicle fleet, our courier service will quickly deliver them to the warehouses of transport companies or to their destination. We work with all regions of Ukraine.

    To be one step ahead of competitors and ensure quality cooperation, our store regularly conducts marketing research. For example, we found out that most often the product is searched for by request "citric acid price Kiev". Sometimes it changes, and our potential client wants to know how to buy citric acid, the price of which suits him.

    If you need citric acid - the price for 1 kg is easily recognized by the phone numbers of our store or from the information on the site. The company's policy implies the formation of special sales proposals that allow you to purchase the right amount of any chemical at an affordable cost. That is why you can buy acids from us - the price of which will suit each client, as well as purchase alkalis, equipment and much more.

    To find out how much citric acid costs - call the manager of our store and check the volume of products to buy. The larger the volume of the order, the cheaper the purchase will cost per kilogram, because the wholesale price per kg of citric acid is regularly monitored and kept at an attractive level.

    Now that you know where to buy citric acid, we are sure that you will become our regular customers. After all, our best price is successfully complemented by prompt delivery, quality products and pleasant bonuses.

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