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    Sodium is hyposulphite 5 water CHDA 2833110000

    Sodium is hyposulphite 5 water CHDA
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    Sodium sulfate 5 aqueous analytical grade - colorless crystals; salt. Chemical formula - Na2SO3.

    Sodium sulfite is a strong reducing agent. At ordinary temperatures, Na2SO3x7H2O crystallizes from aqueous solutions. In aqueous solutions, it is easily oxidized by atmospheric oxygen. In aqueous solutions, Na2SO3 adds sulfur when heated to form sodium thiosulfate.

    Sodium sulfite is used as a component of fixatives and developers in photography, to remove traces of chlorine after bleaching fabrics, to remove S from viscose fiber after molding, as a flotation reagent for non-ferrous metal ores, in the production of pesticides, for neutralization of waste water containing Cr.

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    CompositionSodium sulfate 5 water
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