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    Kholin chloride 60% 2309903100

    Kholin chloride 60%
    Kholin chloride 60%
    Kholin chloride 60%
    Kholin chloride 60%
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    The feed additive contains at least 60% Choline chloride obtained by a synthetic method, mixed in liquid form with a vegetable carrier and dried. It contains 40% of crushed corn cob as a filler.

    Feed additive Choline Chloride 60% is a source of choline. Choline is an essential element in the building and maintenance of cellular structures, including fat metabolism. Choline is a substance due to which acetylcholine is formed in the body of animals, one of the main mediators of nervous excitement in muscles. It also serves as a source of methyl groups.

    Choline chloride stimulates the growth of animals and birds, supports the functioning of the immune system, and improves the quality and quantity of eggs in the meat mass.

    Packing25 kg sack
    TypeChloride of холина 60 %

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